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  • Main Documents

    • Journey in Being: in-process version of 2010.
       Journey in being: an outline version of 2010

      The following completed versions exist
      Journey in Being-New World: version of 2007
      Journey in Being-New World: version of 2006
      Journey in Being: Whereof one cannot speak:  2004
      The Logic and Concepts of the Journey in Being: July 2004

      And the original version
      Journey In Being and Prologue: 2003
      The original and first version to include a number of fundamental new ideas: the theory of Being and its basis in pure logic; the  consolidation of my thoughts on mind - its nature, the mind-body problem and itsresolution, the categories; consolidation of my thoughts on social and political theory and action

      Note the ph
      rase ‘basis in pure logic,’ above. The phrase expresses a line of thought which I have worked through and it requires clarification. The method by which we arrive at the laws of logic contain empirical elements in that analysis of deduction alone does not reveal the laws. Thus, experiment with symbolic forms is required to arrive at the laws of logic. It is this sense in which logic is empirical while it is simultaneously intensely symbolic. But what is the truth of the logical systems? Is this dependent on reference to the world? Only indirectly for truth in logic and mathematics depends, in turn, on symbolic models. An alternate view is the Platonic view in which mathematical Objects are real. Is there a meeting ground of the views? Yes, and it is in the concept of Logic (capitalized because it is given a new meaning that depends on the development of the metaphysics of Journey in being and the theory of Objects.) In the theory of Objects it is shown that the empirical and the symbolic are not distinct (there are of course practical distinctions.) The key point is the principle of reference according to which in its original form went Subject to logic, every concept has reference (this is a consequence of the developments in metaphysics.) However, because of problems in logic, we cannot be sure of the claim. Therefore, define Logic as the universal law of the understanding of being. This notion is simultaneously symbolic and empirical but in return there is a price: Logic is always in a state of discovery. However, this is not truly a ‘price’ for it is only a loss relative to certain preconceptions that must be given up. Readers may be thinking that this ‘’ is empty for it appears to be a mere definition; however, it is not empty thanks to the development of logic which are at least approximations to Logic

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    • Words, language, metaphysics is a listing of a vocabulary for Journey in Being and for a variety of pertinent metaphysical systems. In addition to substance ontology, alternative systems of metaphysics, and a system of basic words, the document contains systems of words for language, being, mind, knowledge and transformation and a detailed array of sub-topics. Metaphysics Lexicon, just begun as of February 2004, is intended to be a dictionary of basic words for metaphysics in English, French, German, Greek, Latin and Sanskrit (June 2005: when I have completed the 2005 version of Journey in Being, I will import its lexicon)

    • Design for a Journey in Being is the blue print for the future

    • New Ideas and supplements contain ideas for improvement of and corrections to Journey in Being including fundamental enhancements and elaborations to the main paradigms (having supplements eliminates the need for too frequent reprinting)

    • Printed documents

  • Supporting Documents and Reference

  • Commentary

    • Journey In Being is the main document. It is an account of the Journey - of my explorations in knowledge and being and is currently the most up-to-date and comprehensive expression of my thought. Journey in Being was intended to be an overview with the Metaphysics, the Experiments, studies in the Variety of Being, and Action being detailed accounts of the phases of the Journey. Currently, however, Journey in Being includes the entire text of the overview - the prologue and the introduction - and the four phases. I may change this structure in the future. The documents for four phases are also useful because their arrangement is different from that in Journey in Being

    • The other essays linked from the site-map are not as current as Journey in Being which often supersedes or vastly improves the ideas from earlier essays. However, the older documents are of interest for some of their ideas and elaborations and may be useful if I later edit or revise Journey in Being

    • Other documents include designs and related concerns

  • Design for a Journey in Being

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