Journey in Being

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Journey in Being

Journey in Being

Journey in Being: ‘Journey in Being Foundation – ‘Whereof One Cannot Speak’,’ Old Foundation, New Ideas and Supplements – since July 2003

As of June 2004, the latest thought is in these three documents

Journey in Being – the main document and the Prologue

[Metaphysics; Experiments; Variety; Action are the core but are contained in Journey in Being and therefore not printed]

Metaphysics – Outline

Experiments in the Transformation of Being – Outline

Documents listed below, not always current expressions of my thought, are useful and supporting

The Fundamental Problem of Metaphysics

Evolution, Design and the Absolute


Kinds of Knowledge

Mathematics and its Foundations

The Role of Magic and Religion

History, which has absorbed Thinkers and Actors

History of Western Philosophy

Design and Planning

Design for a Journey in Being

Short Journey List, Knots


Forty Places to Visit

Constants [not available on the Internet]

Variables [not available on the Internet]

Placement and networking

This document

Horizons Enterprises™ Proposal

Horizons Enterprises™ Institutional and Financial Planning

Resume / Research topics – psychiatry

Personal Finances [not available on the Internet]