Document status: February 11, 2013


No further action for Journey in Being

Long Canyon

1.                  Notes on existence

2.                  Atmospheric pressure calculation

Papoose Lake September 10

1.                  Being and The Elements of Being. Design - priorities - needs. Social action

2.                  Marta

3.                  Qualitative judgment

4.                  Journey. How to prepare at home. Simulation, metabolism…

5.                  On meaning and use

Concept of use… Wittgenstein’s contribution… relation to pragmatism, instrumentalism, Evolution and Design


Need for grammar review

A fundamental problem of use: how do words carry meaning / imply use. How is correct use/meaning distinguished from the incorrect. How is experience communicated

6.                  Political values

7.                  Content of William James’ Varieties of Religious Experience

8.                  Fundamental experiences

There is no absolute object

I am ready for relationship

9.                  Knowledge words… beginning of an organization and toward/combination with “Kinds of Knowledge” from the September 25 entry

i.                Innate vs. acquired knowledge

Relation/identity: innate knowledge and knowledge by participation?

ii.                Acquired knowledge: direct acquisition vs. knowledge by description

Direct: perception, quality, dimensionality, inner/outer

Knowledge by description: expressed or expressible knowledge

Linear: language and proto-language… speech, language, logic, mathematics

Pre/para-language, para-verbal communication… affect, … art

Combined verbal and para-verbal communication: drama, poetry, art…

iii.                The functions: general, cognition, affect/emotion, motivation, intuition, memory

Needs: include memory, toward re-conceptualization and re-organization of the functions

iv.                Degrees of certainty

v.                Theories of truth. This is ad hoc

vi.                Knowledge and world

Papoose Lake September 25

1.                  Kinds of knowledge. Introducing a new kind - knowledge by participation that is over and above and prior to knowledge by acquaintance and knowledge by description

Down to the organismic level

Foundation for the later kinds

Being includes knowing

Absolute being?

2.                  On language… a continuation of “Kinds of knowledge”

i.                Origins

Unity of experience and communication

Communicability of “private” experience; denial of the inverted spectrum etc

Discreteness within unity

Becoming / seeing

That is, becoming all vs. recognizing experience as part of [in one way] and, in another way, unit, coextensive with all

On signs, symbols and language. Some of this is inherent

ii.                Developments


Forms of logic

Deductive [includes mathematics]

Inductive [no mathematics?]

Knowledge [synthetic knowledge?]


Logic and its elaboration need derivation

3.                  Science of energy

4.                  Letter to friends - ideas on the WebSite… my nature… the academic tradition… shared adventure

5.                  Marta: additional ideas

6.                  Website: ideas

7.                  Papoose lake… what I saw and felt

On the way

A special place… symbol/ritual

Wildlife log: Trinity Alps

8.                  Evolutionary epistemology

Nagel’s reaction

What it shows and can show. What I mean by evolutionary epistemology

Relationships among knowledge by participation/acquaintance/description… and so the relationship of human being with organism… with all being

Comments on relationship between the discreteness of our existence and our unity with/being all; and:

Wittgenstein and the communicability of experience

9.                  Preliminary to physiology and robotics of perception

10.              Outline of differential and integral calculus

11.              Concrete plan: ideas, concepts, study, research, synthesis for all phases of Being and The Elements of Being

All phases. Focus on ideas. Possibilities for experiment and field work

The structure is