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Status update January 2015

The information in this document is dated but still useful. If the situation warrants and if I have the time to do it I will update the bibliographies and this document.

From 1963 to 1992 I maintained a collection of books in a wide variety of fields the sciences—especially physics and the sciences of life and mind and society, mathematics, computation, philosophy, politics and political philosophy. logic, literature, myth and mythology, religion, nature, travel, anthropology, history, religion, and others. I studied intensively in the sciences, mathematics, computation, philosophy, logic, psychiatry, psychology... My approach was systematic as well as eclectic and in the pursuit of something that may have caught my interest. I maintained a bibliography of my personal library as well as of extensive reading.

Since 1992 I have continued to read, study, reflect, and write in the fields of interest to this website (as well as eclectically with regard to occasional interest.) However, i have not maintained a systematic bibliography since that time. The following are representative of my interest and focus up and until 1992.

General bibliographies

General Bibliography – arranged by topic.

Bibliography – ongoing, short… because I have been placing bibliographies in the essays (below).

Bibliography for Mathematics, Science and Engineering.

Special Bibliography on Research Organization and Leadership – dated, perhaps still useful – for use in management of research.

Documents that have bibliographic and other source material

The Archive has a list of significant recent and older essays; some of these have sources. Particularly see:

History of Western Philosophy.

Problems in the Philosophy of Mind and Consciousness.

Review of some work of John Searle and David Chalmers on Consciousness.

Design for a Journey in Being – plans for experiment and study; extensive reading list, especially in philosophy.

History of Thought and Action – not a bibliography but contains an extensive list of authors and works for possible study.