Anil Mitra PhD, 11/07/2006

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Tell me about yourself - whatever you think is most important about you... and what is most real to you?


What is most important to you - in your life?


Do you think that change is good, necessary? What would you change in the world?


Do you think there is life after death? If so, what part of you continue after you die? Will you remember your present life? Do you believe in Nietzsche's 'Eternal Return' - that everything that has happened will happen again? Why?


What is the most basic, most powerful force? Is the universe creative? Would you call the fundamental creative aspect of the universe "God"... the "ultimate power or creative force" ... or something else? What?


What is the relationship between the individual and the basic force? Separate or part or (ultimately) the whole? Before or after death? What is death? End or beginning?


There are some spiritual points of view in which the individual is already identical with or part of the ultimate power - but may be unaware of that. What do you think?


You - body, mind, spirit... are a part of the universe and its creative power. When you think, the universe is thinking. Your voice is the voice of the universe - not the whole voice but a part, a genuine part. What do you think?


But, if the individual is a true expression of the ultimate, if when a human being speaks with truth then the basic force is speaking, then one path to the ultimate is through self-awareness. What are your thoughts?



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