The way of being

Anil Mitra





This page integrates site and realization. Site planwork on essence, appeal, function, and precision. Use page design, format, color, graphics, and media. Maintain versions 1999 2002 2005 2013 2017 2019? Learn HTML 5, CSS, and web programming. Essay planwrite “in the world”, mainly from the important documents below.

Site map eliminate the less important documents below from the map (high, medium, and low importance). Main essay folder précis of the way, journal, outline (long version), scalable to axiomatic-teaching-informal-poetic-iconic-in process versions, personal-general manuals, everyday-universal templates, earlier manualoutlineprécis, the essential way, topics and concepts for the way with axiomatic development, and reading. Older item folder. Personal folder plan, current sequence, daily routine, hiking list (long list), and trip prep. Resources folder main influences, system of knowledge (supplement) world problems and opportunities, and approaches to living with yoga, concepts (detailed), dedication-affirmation, resources, update useful links. Social media article folderthe vastness of the universe, how many universes are there, is energy conserved at the origin of the universe, limits of human knowledge, the universe revealed by science, what metaphysics is. Topic essay foldermeaning and knowledge, dimensions of the world, lessons for the way, reason, path templates.