The way of being

Anil Mitra


The way



This pageplans the way, the site, and realization as one process.

The waya précis, the way, has essentials for living and developing the way.

Works an outline for the précis and in process in-process complete versions is scalable to other versions—axiomatic, teaching, informal, poetic, and pictorial. Augment reading.

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Site map — documents for use (for more see the site versions above): Bold, underlined, and plain links are first, second, and third in importance. Main narrativeslatest personal manual, a journey in being manual, a journey in being outline, everyday template (pdf), outline, precis of the way of being, the essential way of being, the way of being, topics and concepts for the way (has material toward an axiomatic development), and universal template (pdf). Older narrative and miscellaneous itemsa journey in being-briefest, a journey in being-complete, a journey in being-manual, a journey in being-outline, a journey in being, contact, essays, and outline (jpg). Personalcurrent sequence, current trips, daily routine-ordinary and special, and daily routine, first priority, long hiking list, hiking list. Resourcesconcepts (detailed system), dedication and affirmation, main influences for the way, resources, a system of human knowledge (supplement), useful links. (update to reflect changes to the site since the links were compiled). Social media articleshow does the vastness of the universe make you feel, how many universes are there, is energy conserved at the origin of the universe, on the limits of human knowledge, the universe revealed by science, what is metaphysics. Topic essaysmeaning and knowledge, experience and dimensions of the world, lessons for the way of being, reason and the way of being, templates for realization, traditional and modern approaches to living.