The way of being

Anil Mitra





This page integrates site and realization. The page is essential, for realization and its principles are ever in process. The form of the page shall remain in process and evolution.

Site planwork on essence, appeal, function, and precision. Use page design, format, color, graphics, and media. Pen name. Maintain versions 1999 2002 2005 2013 2017 2019? Establish 2021… Learn HTML 5, CSS, and web programming. Realizinguse priorities, write and publish in-the-world from the documents below.

Site mapcode: high, medium, and lesser priority; update the documents for content and format. Main essay folderoutline and its source documents. Older items folder. Personal folderpriorities. Resources foldermain influences, system of knowledge and supplement, world problems and opportunities, yoga as any way—traditional and modern—of living so as to realize the ultimate, concepts (detailed version), dedication-affirmation, resources, and useful links (general, every-day, news, encyclopedias, knowledge project, publishing, philosophy, science, physics, mathematics, search engines) Social media articles folder. Philosophy bites and more folder index. Topic essays foldermeaning and knowledge, dimensions of the world, lessons for the way, reason, path templates. Disciplines folder.