The way of being

Anil Mitra





This page is a plan and resource for the site, narrative, and realization as one process. The main brief narrative,  précis.html, has essentials for living and developing the way. Main resources for development are an outline, scalable to axiomatic, teaching, informal, poetic-iconic, and in process complete versions. Suggested reading and resources for the way include main influences, everyday and universal path templates, a system of knowledge and its supplement, world problems and opportunities, and approaches to living—with yoga. Site planwork on appeal, function, and precision. Use format, color, graphics, and media. Learn HTML 5, CSS, and web programming.

Items to be augmented and improved are all the documents above and the items in bold font below. What should be done with previous site versions 1999 2002 2005 2013 2017 2019?

Site map — documents for use: the documents in the first paragraph above are of first importance (also see previous site versions above). In the following importance is coded as high, medium, and low; consider eliminating personal and the less important from this list and altogether.  Main narrativespersonal and general manuals, a journey in being manual, a journey in being outline, old précis version, the essential way of being, and topics and concepts for the way (has material toward an axiomatic development). Items from the old folder should be considered for elimination. Personalcurrent sequence, daily routine, long hiking list, hiking list, and trip preparation.xlsm. (combine the trip preparation documents as one—e.g., reducing detail and embedding the excel document to a word document). Resourcesconcepts (detailed version), dedication-affirmation, resources, and useful links (update to reflect changes in emphasis to the site). Social media articleshow does the vastness of the universe make you feel, how many universes are there, is energy conserved at the origin of the universe, on the limits of human knowledge, the universe revealed by science, what is metaphysics. Topic essaysmeaning and knowledge, experience and dimensions of the world, lessons for the way of being, reason and the way of being, templates for realization.