The way用riorities 2.4.21

Important date time

Essential 4   Immediate    |    The way  


Other planning documents site  |  outline

X, x-exercise |  pnsu-psyche nature sangha-society universe  |  Important date-time

 t  NM time relative to morning review  |   T  NM preferred standard time

4  The WAY    now ultimate, eternal | atman-nature-sangha-Brahman | the immediate-ultimate as one  [ means ]

Psyche輸tman, person, experiential form and change  [  yoga   meditative   presence   to the reallink]      

Nature宥round of being  [  Beyul, plan  ]   < | >   Society祐angha-shared path  [  civilization, artifact  ]

Universe唯rahman, the real, ultimate experiential being   [  metaphysics-action > p > n-s > u  ]

4  Missions        projects   pnsu Remote write-in-the-world publish essays from outline-docs refine site supplements


4Material this repetition > dates > columns world-house-room coffee netflix adjust media-topic-indivis


Prelimin consult reflect   1   $$$ grant work >   2   move 2021 spring sangha-nature propmnge >   3   Acquire target savings $6,538 7 mo  4   18 appeal, other state  

Essential  1  Trips prep xlsm-trial pack hill Next trip nature-local-away  2   Health耀tudy cancer skin care (eye bags), φ et > angst > X > meds   3   Travel write

4Engage Languages Spanish Bengali Hindi Serve volunteer skills-opportunities-politics Bike skill endurance build

Art speech-drama-music-dance-photo-paint-draw-architecture-sculpt- disciplines Style act-project martial-arts

4  Immediate        meditative   presence to the real > self > feeling > empty mind > critical actuation > relations


4DAYS預way the way, above, missions-projects above

Journeys and trips2021 spring   6+ months   p-nature-culture-u nature-culture preparation耀ee trips, above

Nonroutine days, events (select needed items below) Day-long immersion, structure, abandon PM review, plan days, sleep early

4DAYS揺ome and town and day trips,   plan-prepare   for trips, travel, and 6 plus months in nature-culture

 T  RISE00: Rise early > dedicate > set alarms for meditation, X  

 t  000000 Affirmation > Meditate-review   1   the way life-beyond   2   the day projects > meals walk posture stretch

Thursdays and as needed傭i-weekly needs, below

 t  00:150    Missions   and  projects, writing, above   

 t  040000 Yoga-meditate Vipasana know, negotiate my path Shamatha live inner path, realize amid fear

no guarantee Practice-bring focus to positive self, action, the way

 t  04:450 AMPM Meal   t  05:15 Nature exercise photo essays   T  3 PM PM rest-realize prep  T  6 PM 7h sleep

4Notesdays of prepped food, fluids, x, rest, and reflection






4WEEK BIWEEKThu review, needs, meal plan protein carb clean shop stores-online, cook, prep, bhuna

Supplies fluids nuts cereal-grains-pulses green-veg-raw-fruit coffee oil-spice cleaners-paper food-storage meds toilet stamps cards envelopes maintain clothes gear laptop battery bike+


4MONTHfinance1st Thu                                        4YEAR葉axes, birthdays, Christmas


4LIFErealization                                                          4DEATH AND BEYOND now