The way of being

Anil Mitra





The aim is shared discovery and attainment of the real. Resourcesessay § design § reading § templates—everyday (pdf, html) and universal (pdf, html) § useful links.

The means is reason, conceived as the most effective way to achieve ends and to cover thought and feeling, action and learning, direct and inferred knowledge, and critical and creative thought. Reason is reflexive, it is especially applied to knowledge and paradigms of criticism-creation. Reason on being enables proof of a fundamental principle—the universe and its beings are limitless, which is consistent with experience (and so with logic and science), and which, in turn, leads to a real metaphysics as an instrument of realization.

Contact and; Anil Mitra, 902 N Street, Eureka, California 95501-2045, USA; 707 407 9501. I invite contribution, support, and shared realization.