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Universal – life, death, and beyond

= Realize YogaPsyche-meditationNature-beyul (plan) ▪ Sangha-civilization | artifactUniversal-the real

Engage Relations-Sangha for The Way - boundaries

Languages-share-travel-live places-write
Spanish-Bengali-Hindi | Language families

Art speech drama music dance photo paint draw

Style photographs acting projecting martial arts

Serve-volunteer skills § Bike skill-endurance build

Write-publish The Way for two audiences (brief) Site doc plan details | Reflect write (long, as they occur notes) in the world-remote edit-gdocs-one drive editor-cowriter ▪ grants-income journey writing || Soc media = the way

= Now Move-place.sangha counsel-apt-work-finder Space-property ¯to essentials - move-ready - tough book (access-store dvd-books-stationery-clothes-food-kitchen-cookware-tools-toilet-meds) || $ave-spend less-doc-xls Time ¯routine-this-coop/wk || Health ¯food-alcohol-meds eat at right times-short walks-experiment with no coffee

This season trip plans Immerse 2020 6 MO+YEAR-AND-MORE retreat–travel-share-nature.culture Prep What (Being-The way)-where-when-how Material planning



=  Everydayrealize-detail attitude.silence.posture.essential acts promote the-way-as-essential | therapy


9/14/2020—in parallel:
one plan > meditate > year-univ > me > others (r, g)
essentials-life.theway | general.break day | maintain
brief || || quora || migra > doc-elim > tuff















Nonroutine days | events Away-local travelDay-long immersion | essentialsBreak Rest | reflect | abandon || Plan PM before É select routine items



Routine day typically at home


05:15 Risededicateaffirm-music


06:10 Review <<realize writestudy


09:45 Yoga-x-stretch | share.practice.action.brahman


10:45 BP | Meal | Tasks << essential now § acquire

Biweek WedPM.ThuAMPlan.week.year § hair-feet § meals cook-freeze: bhoona-pulse+ § supplies fluids nuts cereal-grains-pulses green-veg-raw-fruit coffee oil-spice shelter needs § cleaners-paper food-storage § meds toilet § stamps-envelopes cards-print paper-cut paper § maintain clothes gear bike+ To do One site-CDC-mask-scarf | House sit | Word-W10-One Note | Refs || Eureka streets || Quora-tailor or quit


11:45 Long X Th shop MWSA immerse-nature-reflect


15:00 PM rest-plan-detail-realize-network | tasks-prep bookkeep-food-fluids-bike-papers-computer folders


18:00 Sleep

=  Year—tax, xmas-birthday; robin 2/7, veda elise 8/1, carissa 8/10, Beverly 8/15, stephanie get, kathleen 11/8


Acquisitions and maintenance–Prioritized
—Cross out when acquired


¨ Handle bars § Fender § Seat § Tires § Drive train § Cables  § Service § Road tires § Pedal

¨ Bike-shorts-Munich pants

¨ HD wheels – panniers – front rack (Old Man Mountain) – hike and bike § Touring-posture-backup bicycles


¨ Try out all gear and have gear ready—esp tent, tarps with hiking poles, bivvy sac; minimize § Day pack+straps § Inst-alt foods-coop-online-dehydrate—universal backpacking food § Weight Suit

¨ Weights of gear—gear list, weights.xlsm

¨ Get || Dark, lite weight pant-short zip pocket 38" loop-belt (check existing pants) § Capilene shirts, long and short u’wear §  Hat § Lite b’pack research first—see greenbelly-ultralite packs § Swiss Army knife § Tent-/ footprint § Tarp (8'x12'?)

¨ Bear spray-Insect repel

¨ Spade § Flex 2 gal contr § iodine (filter)-Cl02

¨ pack cover

Travel (travel/hiking list/plan)

¨ Spanish dvd § Travel gear—tough strap § Review ASUS T100 + HD CASE + USB, s’ware



General acquisitions

¨ Computer = Travel small, tough, solid-state—after mini essay Travel software (travel information, write, communicate-Skype, earn, weblog-publish, cloud-remote edit) Hardware (wireless headphones, wireless printer, blueray and software) Software now (design, cad, engineering, math, sage, web dev, job$$, publishing, multimedia, adblocker, HTML 5, css-latex-web prog-js, c++)

¨ Desk clock § Camera -memory cards-batteries § Smart/travel phone + voice recording + solar bttry charger § Headphones

¨ Weinberg: Cosmology, Q Th of Fields § © ISBN

¨ Shoes / clothes § Sleep, exercise, and in-house wear—two sets & special items, e.g. bike pants… § PJ top, bottom, slippers, padded pants § Clothing–Clio faux leather jacket, boots, pants, dkny jeans, shirts § Iron & board § Flannel bedsheets-pillow cases § Towels § Glasses screwdriver, screws; spare pair, frame § Small mirror

¨ Space heater-in house? § Conical metal filter § Strong umbrella § Chair with cushion / cushion for chair back § Writing board § Deck chair § Portable outdoor table – chairs § 2 wood blocks 8" x 8" x 1" § Carpet / rug: 38-42 x 60-68 § Kettle

¨ Josuma Coffee Co ( § Josuma Coffee Co (

¨ In house supplies for a week—estimate. Breakfast—granola 4c, vitamins, powdered milk: 2c @ 2/3 c : 1c water… or storable almond and other milk, coffee ¾lb, Lunch 2c ea—nuts, dried fruit, snacks; food bars… Supper—rice 3c, beans 2c, ramen, salt 2oz, spices, fresh & dried veg-meat, tortilla-bread, oil, soup, cheese, desert Water base = 1 gal /day @ 60 days = one 30 gal container per person


One Plan—Contents

General plan, migration and site  |  Documents  |  Trips  |  My Life  |  Robin  |  To do


One Plan

One meal a day

General plan, migration and site

#1.   General plan. In parallel
Documents | migration | site | manual (main doc plan in a journey in being-outline) > do fundamental things
Remote working (Bing search)
Medical statistics and the individual (Bing)
Where to live—now—Trinity County, Mexico… think carefully, do research into what I’ll need (smart phone, medical…)
Computer as phone

#2.   Migration
ImportFiles—all files or 2020 with rest on flash or Seagate. Word Templates—Change drives for backup, change default path for templates folder, automate templates backup, some documents may have their own bars and routines and add macros to ask if they should be run if the macro is not appropriate to the document, rewrite Backup so that each drive is checked for existence—this way editing is not needed on import; change the loation of upload.doc; option to b/u to ‘a’). Pictures—organize and import. Using software. Windows 10books and references on using W10 and Office and Word; virtual desktop; remote access; shell – power shell; another not google browser (review available browsers); settings and control panel; consider upgrade to Windows 10 pro. Windows defender / Microsoft Security Essentials / Shredding. Office—general capabilities of Word…importing hyperlinks, Excel, Access, Outlook (import addressbooks from Outlook XP and Windows Live Mail), Publisher, and OneNote; getting the latest HTML editor. OnlineOne drive, remote editing so I don’t have to travel with a computer! Microsoft Word
VBA, Latex and equations support, customizing ribbons. Normal and other templates to import and tailor to word 365. Email; use and streamline outlook. For other software see computer. Using the computer—see computer maintenance.docm. See lenovo ideapad guide at start, using lenovo pens, 3D objects, drawing, art, explore capabilities, ad blockers, virus protection etc, set restore points, have documents on use – accounts – passwords stored at a definite location. USB-C (how) <> USB. Using voice and Cortana. Website—Templates for filelists of folders on my website; ¿Apache?. Hardware—decisions on purchase and use of hardware; study and practice keyboard and touch screen, other hardware; Blue ray and software

#3.   Site

(1)   Site-templates (i) Experiment with formatting the collapsible template (ii) Introduce templates for any # of main pages 1 to 5? | ¿ left links? | format for large screen | adjust color scheme – photo

(2)   Site main page—Finalise HTML lite version

(3)   Begin but only begin the central DB of topics, concepts, and links below

(4)   Brief essay (as manual, template for complete version) | elim docs—resources, and topic essays, below

In the world

(5)   Complete version, use a journey in being-outline. Site—chisel, read, reflect.

(6)   Central DB of topics, concepts, and links—the way of being.mdb); links are two way

#4.   Immerse (jhang)!


#5.   Documents list
Number of stars usefulness one star*—probably useful, two stars**—useful, three stars***—critical

Italicized documents are for the essential site
Files without extensions are html

Main folder

Home for essential site—to be edited



site map**

site plan**


narratives—the main documents for the way—may change ‘a journey in being’ in all narratives to ‘the way of being’ with title = ‘The Way of Being | A Journey’

a journey in being-briefest (doc)*—may eliminate after use below

a journey in being-complete (doc)—change to ‘the way of being complete’, write in the field tersely with regard to words and ideas, using a journey in being-manual-essential below and a journey in being-outline below

a journey in being-manual-essential (doc)—change to ‘the way of being’; combine with a journey in being-briefest above, and the following below a journey in being-manuala journey in being, template for the essential manual, and what is metaphysics (doc)

a journey in being-manual (doc)*—may eliminate after use above

a journey in being-outline (doc)***—may change to ‘the way of being-resource for outline, content, and plan; for use in constructing the complete version; may retain; parts to use / eliminate / find pointers to—

a journey in being-outline—some essentials of the way (doc)

a journey in being-outline.doc—the boundary of experience (doc)

a journey in being-outline.doc—the outline (doc) (in the section Narrative essentials, flow, and outline). ¿What points to this?

a journey in being-outline.doc—the nature of the essay (doc); has (i) general commentary on the nature of the essay (ii) thoughts on reading the essay

a journey in being-outline.doc—on foundation and ground (doc)

a journey in being-outline.doc—metaphysics of experience (doc)

a journey in being (doc)*—may eliminate after use above

Following are older documents with remarks on use in the main narratives above


a journey in being-briefest (doc)

a journey in being-complete (doc)

a journey in being-manual (doc)

a journey in being-outline (doc)

a journey in being (doc)


earlier editions of the site




original outline

site map-mistral

site plan-mistral

site plan_old


page and document templates—for editing and experiment

collapsible sections with buttons*

collapsible sections**

nested collapsible blocks**

document template.doc

the way of being-outline only (links to version with outline and content)

the way of being-table-outline only (links to version with outline and content)

personal—may incorporate some essentials

bus times.doc

current sequence-detail (doc)*

current sequence-telescoping (doc)*

current sequence (doc)**

current trips (doc)

daily routine-ordinary and special (doc)* of this and the next, eliminate one

daily routine (doc)

financial plan.xls (doc)

hiking list-long (doc)*

hiking list (doc)*


movies, shows etc

movies (doc)

other people

robin (doc)

visiting california (doc)


angst (doc)*** (“it is my responsibility” is functional even if not the full truth)


concepts-details (doc)*

concepts (doc)*

system of human knowledge, reason, and action-supplement (doc)*

system of human knowledge, reason, practice, and action (doc)***

useful links (doc)*

social media

how many universes are there (doc)

is energy conserved at the origin of the universe (doc)

on the limits of human knowledge (doc)

the universe revealed by science (doc)

what is metaphysics (doc)**—for immediate use in the way

topic essays—any and all may be useful

dedication-affirmation (doc)*


experience and its dimensions (doc)**

lessons for the way of being (doc)**

reason and the way of being (doc)**

templates for realization (doc)**

traditional and modern approaches to living in the world (doc)**

For earlier material see

site map

and on \\Anilmitra-pc\

0. 2019-site

topic and concept files

realization—the labyrinth

world and being—above the labyrinth

My Documents—the universe


Modify to include all trip kinds from now, above

1.      Plan trip and needs – hiking list-long.doc; bus times.doc; USFS—(

2.      Rides – find online.

3.      Where – also look into hiking around Willow Creek; inquire USFS-Six Rivers; visit Willow Creek.

4.      Issues – see current sequence.doc, the essential way-outline.html, and a journey in being site.

5.      Chisel and minimize – clothing, food, b’pack weight (new), direct access trailhead.

6.      Future trips—on this trip I will pack for 7-8 days of food-fuel + an extra cup of dried lentil soup. How much is left over will tell me how much I need on future trips. Directly use hiking list-long.doc. Study trails—possibilities—look into E. Weaver, Canyon Creek, Stuart Fork, Hobo, other—trail conditions, water access, fire, camping ok. Possible shakedown tripwith minimal preparation.

My Life

Clear vision, work


1.      I am keeping to the one month protocol—I do not want to plan more than a month in advance.

2.      There are reasons, I would like to explain what it is about and why it is important (to me and in my opinion generally), but the the decision and judgment comes before explanations to you.

3.      Note to myself—for the obvious reason that reasons can be argued with etc.

4.      I am firm but want to be flexible, caring but not careless, responsive not resistive, proactive not reactive, insistent but not closed.

5.      Therefore, though at this time that is my judgment, it may change as circumstances change.

6.      What circumstances. Accomplishment is #1. And at present the situation with the ‘virus’ is rather unknown—when will it be considered safe, when will travel open up.

7.      But in any case, it may remain the one month protocol because my engagement with my work is not a passing thing. It is permanent (of course faculties and health allowing).

8.      And I think one month is not too bad for either of us. The main thing is we see each other (and of course that you and Kathleen have a good time in America). But I think that can be worked out.

9.      So what is it all about? That the universe is limitless and cyclic but in cycles of limitless peak and variet and awareness (Brahman) and that you and I are that (Atman), that I have shown this and am developing ways to realize it (with some inspiration from Advaita Vedanta etc), but that the way is never ending, and that I get little support from anyone else and therefore face the ‘infinite’ with ‘finite’ resources…

10.   Time is all that I have (in this life).

To do

Pandemic—what it is, latency of corona virus, research into vaccines and medicines, how long do viruses last on surfaces, ways of transmission—Protocol for corona virus protection (begin with what is known about flu and pneumonia protection). Documents—pandemic.docx, symptoms for cold, allergies, strep, flu, and covid-19.docx.

Minimize my collection of documents.