Anil Mitra—Hiking—Planning and preparation

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* The ten essentials are adapted from

Planning and preparation

Reasons—physical activities and discovery, social activities, sharing travel and activities, projects – physical and psychological experiment and discovery

Location, dates and times, open trip

Travel plans and aids—and documents, reservations, permits, ticketspen

Cash—credit cards (notify bank of travel location and dates)

Information—paper, pen, watch, computer, phone, camera; charge batteries and spares

Check, buy, and pack gear and supplies—get information before buying, e.g. books – the internet – reputable outdoor gear store for advice and needs and fitting; buy perishables just before leaving

The ten essentials*

Navigation—map, compass, altimeter, gps, locator beacon, headlamp with charged batteries and spares

Backpack—appropriate to kind and duration of trip; rain cover and duffel for travel optional

Sun protection—sunglasses, sunscreen, sun-protective clothes

First aid—emergency–hygiene–grooming supplies, medications with foot care and insect repellant

Knife—and gear repair kit: general, tent, stove…

Fire—stove and or tinder, fuel, lighter, matches

Shelter—tent, tarp, or bivy, sleeping bag, sleeping pad

Food—with extra (beyond minimum expectation); cooking and eating utensils

Water—with extra (beyond minimum expectation); water bottles and treatment system

Clothes, shoes—appropriate to place and weather with extra (beyond minimum expectation)