Prologue to the Journey and its paths

Journey in Being is the universal adventure of Being, through thought and action,
through stories of cosmos, life, humankind and the civilizations and cultures
…to the edge of possibility, into ultimate Being


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Journey in Being: Main Documents

Journey in Being. The following versions exist
Journey in Being - 2005: the latest version. Currently in-process. Anticipated completion: September 2005
Journey in Being: Whereof one cannot speak: September 2004 version
The Logic and Concepts of the Journey in Being: July 2004
Journey In Being and Prologue to the Journey in Being: June 2003
       The original and first version to include a number of fundamental new ideas:
                   The Theory of Being and its basis in pure logic; the original consolidation of my thoughts on mind - its nature,
                   the mind-body problem and its resolution, the categories; consolidation of my thoughts on social and political theory and action…


Words, language, metaphysics is a listing of a vocabulary for Journey in Being and for a variety of pertinent metaphysical systems. In addition to substance ontology, alternative systems of metaphysics, and a system of basic words, the document contains systems of words for language, being, mind, knowledge and transformation and a detailed array of sub-topics. Metaphysics Lexicon, just begun as of February 2004, is intended to be a dictionary of basic words for metaphysics in English, French, German, Greek, Latin and Sanskrit (June 2005: when I have completed the 2005 version of Journey in Being, I will import its lexicon)

Design for a Journey in Being is the blue print for the future

New Ideas and supplements contain ideas for improvement of and corrections to Journey in Being including fundamental enhancements and elaborations to the main paradigms

Printed documents

Supporting Documents and Reference


History of Thought and Action compiled from John A. Garraty and Peter Gay, eds., The Columbia History of the World, 1972. data for [1] possibility of trends, prediction and understanding… and e.g. what kind of trends i.e. while some kinds of trends may be unpredictable this may not be universal; [2] identify focal events and individuals for further study; and [3] History as interaction of thought and action. Combine with:

History of Western Philosophy

Metaphysics and Power

Max Weber's Sociology of Charisma

A Note on History and its use in the present context: it is regarded as evident that any narrative history must make choices that reflect a system of valuation and categories of understanding. However, even within these limitations it is clear that the recorded events speak at least as directly to the nature of history than any idea of that nature. Thus, for example, on reading a chapter from the foregoing reference on The Golden Age of Spain it becomes clear that the period in question was much more a patchwork of numerous interacting threads than a monolithic situation, and that the idea of a golden age is a retrospective assignment that exalts something quite tenuous. The history to be written will emphasize both ideas and action and will be bound together on the principles of Journey in Being in which the determinate and necessary are essentially the product of the indeterminate

Kinds of Knowledge; also see Susan Haack, Philosophy of Logics, 1978


Evolution and Design

Evolution, Design and the Absolute

Essays on Being

Essays on Mind; especially Philosophy of Mind and Consciousness

Dreams and Vision

Magic and Religion

On Design

Commentary on the documents

Journey In Being is the main document. It is an account of the Journey - of my explorations in knowledge and being and is currently the most up-to-date and comprehensive expression of my thought. Journey in Being was intended to be an overview with the Metaphysics, the Experiments, studies in the Variety of Being, and Action being detailed accounts of the phases of the Journey. Currently, however, Journey in Being includes the entire text of the overview - the prologue and the introduction - and the four phases. I may change this structure in the future. The documents for four phases are also useful because their arrangement is different from that in Journey in Being

The other essays linked from the site-map are not as current as Journey in Being which often supersedes or vastly improves the ideas from earlier essays. However, the older documents are of interest for some of their ideas and elaborations and may be useful if I later edit or revise Journey in Being

Other documents include designs and related concerns

Design for a Journey in Being

Design for a Journey in Being is a blue print for the future

New Ideas: contains ideas for improvement of and corrections to Journey in Being including fundamental enhancements and elaborations to the main paradigms

Horizons Enterprises™

Proposal for Horizons Enterprises

Horizons Enterprises™ Financial Planning


Detailed Resume

Metaphysics: the Logic of Being

The aims of the metaphysics are:

Develop a theory of being that includes actual being and its possibilities and potentials;
the theory develops the principle of being that all being is accessible to every being

Show what is accessible to individual [human] being and to show what is ethical and the means of access;
an approach, the dynamics of being, that underlies the tradition of transformations in being
and the
Experiments in Transformation, below

Develop an understanding and lines of solution, in light of the theory, of problems in metaphysics;
the topics include some significant issues in the classical and modern traditions of metaphysics
and for application in the Journey in Being

Metaphysics. Theory


Theory:    Knowledge and Action, Metaphysics

Topics:    Mind, Cosmology, Ethics and its common roots with being and knowledge

Applications:     Experiments in the Transformation of Being, The Variety of Being, Action and Influence

Vocabulary for Metaphysics | Metaphysics Lexicon

Being, Mind and the Absolute

Magic and Religion

Metaphysics and Power

Symbolic Systems

Universal Symbols


The Fundamental Problem of Metaphysics

Topics – Philosophy and its History

History of Western Philosophy

The Periods of Indian Philosophy

Topics – Knowledge and Epistemology and Ethics

Kinds of Knowledge; Linguistics

The Theory of Knowledge

Evolutionary Epistemology

Evolutionary Study of Mind

On Thomas Kuhn’s Philosophy of Science


Topics – Evolution, Design and the Absolute

Evolution and Design

Evolution and Destiny

Evolution, Design and the Absolute


Database of Section Titles

Topics – Mathematics and Science

Mathematics and its Foundations

Cosmology and Inflation

The Standard Model

Topics – Mind

Journey in Being...

Has the most up-to-date and complete developments on the nature of mind,
the mind body problem, the aspects of mind e.g. attitude, experience and action
and other issues. The following earlier essays have details of interest

Philosophy of Mind and Consciousness

Metaphysics and Consciousness

Philosophy of Mind Satellite Site

Being, Mind and the Absolute

Essays on Mind – and consciousness

Review: John Searle and David Chalmers

Twenty Thinkers – in philosophy of mind and consciousness

Summary: Susan Greenfield, The Human Mind

Applications – for convenience, the following list repeats the phases of the Journey

Journey In Being contains all phases, theory and applications

Dynamics: Transformations of Being – Ideas and Experiments

The purposes of the experiments are

Use and develop the dynamics of being to integrate and enhance traditional approaches to transformation

Use the resulting system in the Journey – specifically in an attempt to experimentally demonstrate the principle of being

Use the approaches to transformation in my own life and develop special purpose applications

The Experiments and their Theory

Experiments in the Transformation of Being

Dynamics of Being, Becoming, Journey-Quest, A System of Experiments including a Complete, Minimal System

Perception and Vision-Quest, Dreams and Hypnosis, Yoga and Meditation

Essays on Being

Being, Mind and the Absolute

The Periods of Indian Philosophy

Dreams and Vision

Coming: applications in healing and wellness – Research Topics, Treatment Planning

Journey-Quest and Planning

Journey Planning – in Design for a Journey in Being

Includes templates for Objectives & Itinerary | Short List | Vacation Request

Planning Folder

Current Folder


Journey Quest

Uphill in Humboldt

Forty Journeys


Journals Folder

Barranca del Cobre

Journals 1982 - 1996

Journal 1997

Journal 1998

Journal 1999

Journal 2000 - I

Journal 2000 - II

Journal 2001

Map of Mind

Map of my World

Mathematics and its Foundations

Words, Language, Metaphysics

Surface and Depth

The Fundamental Problem of Metaphysics and its Resolution

The Origins of Language

The Truth Can be Known

Journal 2002 – the entire content has been absorbed to Journey in Being and other essays

Journal 2003

Journal 2004

Journal 2005

Journal 2006

Journal 2007

Journal 2008

Journal 2009

Journal 2010

The Variety of Being: Experiments with Ideas and Artifacts

The purposes to the study of the variety of being include:

To develop an understanding of the variety – actual and possible being including hypothetical being;
I use
hypothetical to include reference to beings or modes of being from the tradition of thought, especially God

To develop a perspective on and further human attempts in the construction of being – especially machine intelligence and being

To use the results in understanding being

The Variety: Theory and Machine Intelligence

The Variety of Being

Computers, Beings and Minds

Topics – Applications

The Variety of Being outlines applications and plans


Databases and Concepts, Database of Section Titles, Databases and Concepts: Discussion

Automation in Psychiatric Care

Action, Influence, Charisma and History

In Action, Influence, Charisma and History [Change]:

I consider, first, the general understanding and change of social arrangements – especially politics

I develop some tools for application; a first stage is communication including the present website
subsequent stages will be more direct, more active and more involved

I have formulated a design for an institute, Horizons EnterprisesÔ, for development of the aims of Journey in Being

On Action, Influence and Change

Action, Influence and Change

Thinkers and Actors


Metaphysics and Power

Max Weber's Sociology of Charisma

Topics – Education

Education Project



Outline of Calculus



Atmospheric Pressure

Qualitative Measure is not Objective

The Concept of Education

Topics – Engineering

Engineering Education

Emphasis on Education in Engineering; the same as The Concept of Education above


Modern Engineering

Topics – Psychiatry

Topics in Psychiatry; older, interesting, dated – needs update

Resources For Psychiatry – outline

Levels of Psychiatric Function

Differential Treatment of Disorders

Research Topics, Treatment Planning

Topics – Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology

Topics in Psychology  – older, interesting, dated – needs update


Design of a Life – dated

Life, Unity and Meaning

Ideal Religion

Ernest Becker, The Birth and Death of Meaning

Magic and Religion

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Humboldt County


Essays on Being

Essays on Mind

Horizons Enterprises™

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