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Introduction to the Journey in Being and the Website

Preliminary Comments

1. The purpose of this introduction is to provide a brief account of the ‘Journey in Being’ and an introduction to the concepts and main conclusions

2. The introduction is complement to the longer essays that elaborate and illustrate the concepts or ideas; and that explain the meaning and significance of the conclusions. Such explanation may include demonstration for, even though proof does not constitute understanding, when proof is possible it removes the doubt that may attend ‘mere’ explanation and it introduces clarity and precision. (One of the outcomes of the conceptual systems that have been developed here is that when the ideas are developed interactively and in terms of the maximum potential of their meaning rather than in terms of their immediate sense, demonstration, clarity and precision become possible in a way that may not have been expected – that, indeed, may be counter to intuitive expectations)

Outline of the Introduction

1. What is the ‘Journey in Being?’

2. Significance of the terms: ‘Journey’ and ‘Being’

3. The Mission

4. The Journey so far

Details of the Journey so far I of XI pages

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Updated: 01/17/2007

Status of the introduction: under revision