Anil Mitra, PhD

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Eureka, CA 95501

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Functions. Teaching, research, conceptual analysis and synthesis, consultation. Analysis, design and planning for policy and strategy.

Areas of interest. Mechanical engineering, design, mechanics, waves and stability in fluids and fluid flow, applied mathematics, numerical analysis, and computation. Philosophy, experiments in being (experimental philosophy.) Local through international politics; war, peace and terrorism; social issues including economics and education.


PhD, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Delaware, 1978. DIIT – approximate equivalent of Masters, Applied Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 1970. Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 1969. Extensive curricular work in engineering principles and design, humanities, pure and applied mathematics and theoretical physics at undergraduate through advanced graduate levels


Teaching in engineering and applied mathematics: Associate Professor, Humboldt State University, 1983-85, Assistant Professor, University of Texas-Austin, Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering, 1978-82, Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology, 1975-77, Fellowship/Teaching Assistant, University of Delaware, 1970-74 and 77-78. Approximately ten years of teaching that included statics, introductory and advanced mechanics, vibrations, solid mechanics; introductory and advanced thermodynamics, heat transfer, applied thermodynamics with conventional—fossil-hydro-nuclear—and alternative energy analysis—solar-wind-wave-photovoltaic; air pollution theory and control with consideration of global effects of particulate and greenhouse-gas emissions; numerical analysis with programming—FORTRAN—and finite element analysis; graduate/faculty seminars in perturbation methods and optimal controls.

Research in fluid mechanics: perturbation and numerical methods with computer implementation applied to wave propagation, wave reflection, wave forces and stability. Employment history above.

Consulting. Application of a finite element program to aircraft frames, Harvey Mudd College, summer 1984.

Philosophical analysis and related topics1. Reflection and writing since 1986 and earlier, culminating in ‘Journey in Being.’ Advances in metaphysics, theories of being and objects, the limits and possibilities of being and the concepts and application of logic, ethics, faith, nature of human being. Design and implementation of a system of experiments in the transformation of being. Other topics.

Psychiatry2. Documentation and provision of direct care, 1990-present. Development of medical-psychiatric software. Definition of selected treatment related research issues in psychiatry. See Interests.html.

Programming3. See above for FORTRAN experience. Experienced in Basic programming; applications include document and forms automation, medical document systems, artificial intelligence with application to conceptual systems analysis. Familiarity with C++. Own and have am capable with Basic, C++ and FORTRAN ‘visual’ compilers. HTML / web design experience. Visit the website—below—for other pursuits.


Publications in fluid mechanics, wave propagation and stability available on request. Details of publications and addresses (talks) available at

1,2,3 Website: Internet essays in philosophy and related topics are available; see, especially, of a universal journey.html.