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‘Bites’ is a collection of short pieces that I thought have enough novelty to be written up.
It may serve as a repository for new ideas and for ideas I glean among my earlier writings. Click here for the blogs.

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Mostly philosophy  |  Stems  |  Physics  |  Miscellaneous pieces

A star * indicates a piece I’m working on right now.
Two stars ** indicate an answer first written on social media site Quora.

Mostly philosophy


Dictionary paradox

Something from nothing

The Source

Our destiny

What is experience?

What is consciousness?

A profession of conviction

The significance of being

Essential concepts for metaphysics

Metaphysics for a cosmos

On simplicity

Systems for which Gödel theorems are provable

What is philosophy?

Is the human brain intelligent enough to understand itself?

The impossible problem of consciousness


Also see On possibility (and some beginnings to logic)

Argument incorporates the following

Argument-original version and

Critical thinking and

Principles of reason

… and may include methodological skepticism.html

The simulation hypothesis

Is physics characterized by mathematics?

Foundations of physical cosmology.html, placed here because the foundation is metaphysical.

The fundamental principle of metaphysics

Creation versus evolution

On the definition of the term ‘universe’

Categories in metaphysics—a tentative discussion

Do we have free will? **

Methodological skepticism—or Cartesian Doubt

Can free will be demonstrated scientifically? **

Why does the universe exist? **

Why do we still have problems understanding consciousness? **

Does continuity of causality negate freedom of will? **

The World is All the Facts**

On possibility (and some beginnings to logic)


The following are stems—a few points jotted down to be elaborated and filled out later.

Are robots conscious?



Conservation laws and symmetry

The next two 'bites' are similar to the first and I intend
to combine the three pieces.

Thermodynamics and the Destiny of the Universe

Thermodynamics and the Destiny of the Universe II

Standard model (source: Wikipedia)

Foundations of physical cosmology.html—note that the intent is to provide a metaphysical foundation.

Miscellaneous pieces

How is the universe explained without god

Is the human brain intelligent enough to understand itself

A theory of class interest

On advice