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my mother's diary of our family history with comments

  1. Kharagpur was the best time of my parent's lives in India.

  2. There are small signs of the differences between my brother and myself.

  3. Her children gave her meaning and fortitude.

  4. Her husbandmy dadgave her freedom but not encouragement.

  5. She had some talent in art and writing but was undisciplined.

  6. She knew something about how to enjoy life and taught me that too.

  7. Her relationship to her mother was very sweet and caring.

  8. It is an interesting story spanning generations, years, and continents. Her notes could be the sketch of a story or novel. It would take greater talent than mine. It would need brushing up and could use literary license and elaboration.

  9. She had intelligence, iniative, and courage.

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