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Myth and the Animal World


Human Evolution

Emergence of Order


Modern Schools: Positivism

The Indian Philosophers and Their Philosophies

Origins of Philosophical Thought in Literature

Metaphysics and Philosophical Cosmology


Sociology of Knowledge

Critics of Sociology of Knowledge

Therapeutic Philosophy

Hermeneutical Epistemology

Philosophy of Symbolic Systems


The Value of Philosophy

Philosophy of Value



Social Philosophy

Political Philosophy

Philosophy of Meaning

Philosophy of Evolution, Design and History

Evolution of Science and Knowledge

Books by Karl Popper and under his influence

Evolution and Kant’s Categories

Philosophy of Biology

Philosophy of Physics

Philosophy of Nature

Evolution as a Framework for Social Process

Evolution as a Framework for Mind

On Mind

Evolution as a Framework for the Universal

Evolution and Physics


Encyclopedias, Encyclopedic Efforts and Foundations of Encyclopedic Information

Outlines of Knowledge


Physical Sciences

Biological, Life Sciences

Human Sciences

Social Sciences

Universal Science


Elements of Technological Systems

Fields of Technology

Art and Technology



Practical Design

Management of Design, Planning, and Science


Social Institutions and Systems

Global, Environmental Concerns and Human Concerns

Sciences of Design

Global, SocialGovernment and Environmental Systems

Enegy Options

Public Choice

Truth in Politics

Opression and altruism

Social and Public Policy

Policy Analysis

Policy Organizations as Actors in Public Works

Philosophical Foundations of Policy Analysis

Policy Analysis and Social Sciences

Method in Policy Analysis

Human Values

Ideals in Religion

Mythology and Ethnobiology

Psychological Mythology, Drugs and Herbs


Engineering Design

Design: Systems Engineering

Science, Art, and Invention

Aspects of Invention and Creation

Knowledge and Education

Copyright, Latest Revision, and Document Status



This bibliography was maintained from the 1970’s to mid 1990’s. Since then I have not kept a systematic general list of reading. However some essays at have lists of sources. See, particularly, A directory of bibliographies.

This bibliography is not exclusively ‘scholarly’. Non-fiction can be a source of ideas and the ideas can then be subject to critical thought. The emphasis is material, fiction and non-fiction, that has been suggestive to my thought and attitude.

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The titles were gathered in a period of time when I read and assimilated much that became second nature. Thus the nature of this collection is not that of an up to date bibliography. Rather, it represents a period of nascent learning

Many of the items are classics and, to that extent, the work does not become out of date

I have continued to absorb information but my recording of sources has ceased to be as meticulous as it used to be. This corresponds to my feeling that I am directly in touch with the nature of being

Of course all creatures, human and non-human are in contact with being. However, in the human case, there are layers of culture, education and formalism to be shaken off before contact becomes direct

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