Subj:       Re: Friday morning

Date:       98-10-30 14:58:15 EST

From:      Anil Mitra

To:          Joan Elk

CC:          Anil Mitra


Thanks for your email

So it seems you do not need tinkering with the template at this point.

I'm not sure what you mean by the "slash" stuff, and what you mean by "that initial letter P" and what you mean by "templated pages" and will have to check with you on that.

I'm glad you are feeling well.

I'm finally at the point where after the luxury of having all my time to myself and being able to do multiple tasks a day - esoteric and mundane - I can continue on and make progress with less time. It is an adjustment. Also, as I said I feel as though I have finally climbed the mythic mountain...

I enjoy the biting cold.