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concepts, meaning, knowledge, and language.doc (html)

what is metaphysics.doc (html)

a journey in being-outline.doc (html)

experience and its dimensions.doc (html)

lessons for the way of being.doc (html)

reason and the way of being.doc (html)

templates for realization.doc (html)

a journey in being-outline.doc (html)

a journey in being-manual-essential.doc (html)

traditional and modern approaches to living in the world.doc (html)

a journey in being-outline.doc (html)

templates for realization.doc (html)

Documents available for import in other folders

..\resources\dedication-affirmation.doc (html)

a journey in being-manual-essential.doc (html)

..\social media\what is metaphysics.doc (html)

..\narratives\a journey in being-briefest.doc (html)

..\narratives\a journey in being.doc (html)