Plan—go for the ultimate

D—I love you, but it is not easy for me to communicate. I love you and always will, but I must minimize the asymmetric relation. I will end sending cards and cash until you keep me informed of your address.

B—prognosis before commitment. A good day of the week to talk. Perception of personal and universal truth is not a matter of projection without introjection, hypothesis making, and comparison with perception.

Be ready to bring it up when it happens. The negative interpretation. I know it’s caring. Yet, it’s a projection, regarded by therapists as counter helpful.

You think the common – projective range of human nature, need, desire is the range—but it’s not. Listening is the antidote (not inserting judgment).

Intelligent but judgmental in general discussion, rather than perceptive, broad, and deep. You think I’m more put out by you than you by me, but you ignore your years of negative harsh judgment (compared to my one occasion of anger) and evasion, ignoring, or anger when I bring it up; and I find myself bending over backward to accommodate the inability to handle criticism and to avoid the sharp responses and evasions.

G—I respect your intelligence-integrity, but do not accept your judgments as perfect. You may choose to see your judgment as true, but this entails neither its truth nor my agreement.