Modify to include all trip kinds from current sequence.html (now)

1.      Plan trip and needs – hiking list-long.doc; bus times.doc; USFS—(https://www.fs.fed.us/) https://www.fs.usda.gov/stnf

2.      Rides – find online.

3.      Where – also look into hiking around Willow Creek; inquire USFS-Six Rivers; visit Willow Creek.

4.      Issues – see current sequence.doc, the essential way-outline.html, and a journey in being site.

5.      Chisel and minimize – clothing, food, b’pack weight (new), direct access trailhead.

6.      Future trips—on this trip I will pack for 7-8 days of food-fuel + an extra cup of dried lentil soup. How much is left over will tell me how much I need on future trips. Directly use hiking list-long.doc. Study trails—possibilities—look into E. Weaver, Canyon Creek, Stuart Fork, Hobo, other—trail conditions, water access, fire, camping ok. Possible shakedown tripwith minimal preparation.