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Site and documents (min)

#1.     Today. Coffee, etoh, food, fluids, x, meditate. Lunch—taco. PM—no beer, sm snack, granola, dessert—weeks snacks.

#2.     Site. Minimize interface (front = main – more). No site plan.html. Two main documents (i) the way of being.doc (ii) the way of being-essentials.doc. Details below
(1) Improve the page and document templates—also use and eliminate template for the essential manual.html (the page templates for any number of site main pages from ¿1 to 5?); possibility of left side links; adjust color scheme and photograph
(2) Site main pages—main (what is the way / two essays / contact / ref to more) and more
(3) Main essays (complete only the brief version), resources, and topic essays, details below
(4) In the world—(a) Complete essay—use a journey in being-outline.doc (b) Site—chisel, read, reflect
(5) Central database of topics, concepts and links—see the_way_of_being.mdb (import and change name to the way of being.mdb)

#3.     Documents. Minimize the document plan in a journey in being-outline.doc
Define the essential resources, especially templates for realization.doc, and simplify all—especially detailed explanations
The brief version (will also function as manual, source for ‘my manual’, template for complete version).
           Sources—use and eliminate all inessential documents from—plan; elaborate; order
                       the brief version (a journey in being-briefest.doc)
                                   essential manual (a journey in being-manual-essential.doc)
                                               (look at the older a journey in being-manual.doc),
                                               and the older, relatively brief a journey in being.doc
                       a journey in being-outline.doc for a preliminary outline
                                   and its preliminary outline for the manuals
                       what is metaphysics
                       concepts, meaning, knowledge, and language.doc
                       the way
                                   Introduction to the text (preface)
                                   History of the way (and precursors) (prologue)
                                   About the way of being (Introduction)
                                               What can we know?—secular, transsecular,
¬ primal; and 4th way
                                               On foundations
                                               Being thru universe
                                               Possibility and FP
                                               A real metaphysics and reason
                                               Consequences for 'destiny'
                                   Metaphysics, ethics, and cosmology
                                               Experience, metaphysics of
                                               Other topics
                                   The way (need structure)

                       greatest u
                       indiv and ult identity

#4.     Documents list
Number of stars usefulness one star*—probably useful, two stars**—useful, three stars***—critical

Italicized documents are for the essential site

Main folder

Home for essential site—to be edited



site map.html**

site plan.html**


narratives—the main documents for the way—may change ‘a journey in being’ in all narratives to ‘the way of being’ with title = ‘The Way of Being | A Journey’

a journey in being-briefest.html (doc)*—may eliminate after use below

a journey in being-complete.html (doc)—change to ‘the way of being complete’, write in the field tersely with regard to words and ideas, using a journey in being-manual-essential.html below and a journey in being-outline.html below

a journey in being-manual-essential.html (doc)—change to ‘the way of being’; combine with a journey in being-briefest.html above, and the following below a journey in being-manual.htmla journey in being.html, template for the essential manual.html, and what is metaphysics.html (doc)

a journey in being-manual.html (doc)*—may eliminate after use above

a journey in being-outline.html (doc)***—may change to ‘the way of being-resource for outline, content, and plan; for use in constructing the complete version; may retain

a journey in being.html (doc)*—may eliminate after use above

template for the essential manual.html**—may use toward the essential manual above; if useful for page and document templates, place there; then may eliminate

Following are older documents with remarks on use in the main narratives above


a journey in being-briefest.html (doc)

a journey in being-complete.html (doc)

a journey in being-manual.html (doc)

a journey in being-outline.html (doc)

a journey in being.html (doc)


earlier editions of the site.html




original outline.html

site map-mistral.html

site plan-mistral.html

site plan_old.html


page and document templates—for editing and experiment

collapsible sections with buttons.html*

collapsible sections.html**

nested collapsible blocks.html**

personal—may incorporate some essentials

bus times.doc

current sequence-detail.html (doc)*

current sequence-telescoping.html (doc)*

current sequence.html (doc)**

current trips.html (doc)

daily routine-ordinary and special.html (doc)* of this and the next, eliminate one

daily routine.html (doc)

financial plan.xls (doc)

hiking list-long.html (doc)*

hiking list.html (doc)*


movies, shows etc

movies.html (doc)

other people

robin.html (doc)

visiting california.html (doc)


angst.html (doc)*** (“it is my responsibility” is functional even if not the full truth)


concepts-details.html (doc)*

concepts.html (doc)*

system of human knowledge, reason, and action-supplement.html (doc)*

system of human knowledge, reason, practice, and action.html (doc)***

useful links.html (doc)*

social media

how many universes are there.html (doc)

is energy conserved at the origin of the universe.html (doc)

on the limits of human knowledge.html (doc)

the universe revealed by science.html (doc)

what is metaphysics.html (doc)**—for immediate use in the way

topic essays—any and all may be useful

dedication-affirmation.html (doc)*


experience and its dimensions.html (doc)**

lessons for the way of being.html (doc)**

reason and the way of being.html (doc)**

templates for realization.html (doc)**

traditional and modern approaches to living in the world.html (doc)**

For earlier material see

site map.html

0. 2019-site

topic and concept files

realization—the labyrinth

world and being—above the labyrinth

My Documents—the universe