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The way, realization, life, and death

The way


Sangha or shared realization-civilization-artifact

Nature-Beyul | plan

Universal-the real

Designed interaction, presentation, speech, silence; publication



Dedicate-affirm – brief walk-posture-stretch

Meditative review, brief, with plan – life, the way, the day

The way – realize

Current project – write-publish

Yoga, meditate, action

Walk-posture-stretch | Vipasana – knowing the path | Shamatha – calming, focus, experiencing the path

Practice-action – bring focus back to isla of self, the way

Rest of day—1 meal | no beer | Howard’s kale on odd days | x | shop twice a week | PM activities | 7hrs sleep


Move > sangha-nature-$-save-grants-income, travel

Focus heart—refocus—space in the present, relationship

De g focus-less talk |R plan 1 month notice

Self-image and inner voice

Today | Now

Write—cleanup topics – concepts > print | outline-book

Minimize—life | this | documents | meds, no HCTZ or ASA

Soon—Chinaware bowls | Computer – hp restore point + travel bag vs cost of Lenovo vs Tough book | Pack - get

Arr room | W’ville – Trinity | Web programming