The Way of Being

Anil Mitra © February 11, 2020—March 27, 2020

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The Way of Being

A question asked by many persons for themselves and for civilization is of what is possible, what is of value, and how to achieve it. This leads to the question of how to know and achieve what is of the highest value.

What can we know?

This is the greatest of all possible universes.

This is the key to a ‘real metaphysics’, developed below, as proven knowledge of the universe as ultimate.

There is and must be exactly one universe.

This is a resolution of  the problem of why there is Being at all.

The ‘cause’ of the existence of the universe is necessity.

The universe has no creator.

The universe has identity. The universe and its identity are limitless in extension, duration, variety, peak, and dissolution of Being. For example there are cosmoses and physical laws without limit—all in transaction with one another and the void. The individual and civilization inherit this power.

The universe is spiritual in that there are higher phases that are not yet known to some beings and civilizations. It is not spiritual in the sense of a non material realm. From the real metaphysics there are no fundamentally distinct modes such as matter and mind.

There is a path—are paths—from our world to the ultimate. Living well in our world includes being on a path to the ultimate; but living well does not imply denial of our world. It means just living well in the universe as whole.

There are and will be ennui and pain; they are unavoidable. But the limitlessness of variety and peak and dissolution is also ever fresh.

All Being is ever phasing between peak and dissolution, experiencing both repetition and ever freshness.