A Journey in Being
Site plan with Realization
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Do in parallel

  1. Realization. Living, realizing, reporting-writing in interaction with site and narratives.

  2. The site and site plan Name of site—more than one, e.g. “A Journey in Being”, “A Way of Being”, and “Metaphysics”—and essays. Improve site presentation and information in interaction with the narratives; add resources. Pages: blog, about, contact, author...? Miscellaneous New computer. Web development. Editor and co-writer. Grant. Work. Documents to link/import from earlier editions of the site.html

  3. Write Outline (template) for the essays a journey in being-outline (plan); Improve path templates in a journey in being.html (have three levels of path template); Two essays and manual—arrangement and terminology to be consistent with the outline and derivable as follows outline > long essay (a journey in being-complete.html) > short essay (a journey in being.html) > manual (no permanent document necessary)