Informal Version for The Way of Being

Anil Mitra, Copyright June 18, 2020—June 24, 2020


This is an essay stem for an informal version for general use

Source—topics and concepts for the way.html

The essentials

1.    Motivation. Kinds of general audiences—ideas, action; liberal, conservative. I cannot expect to appeal to all.

2.    It must be seen as a whole and written as conducive to this.

3.    It does not contradict common sense, science, reason, or (true religion). There needs to be a fair amount of explanation of the truth of this claim (how to deal with religion has further issues of how to address faith, and I may therefore omit consideration of religion—or find a way to talk to people of faith).

4.    Informal demonstration.

5.    Visceral – intuitive appeal; with ways to reinforce intuitive meaning.

6.    Formality in footnotes.