Compact adaptable Everyday Template1—the template is tailored to a regular at home schedule for individuals and groups; it can be modified to an away or special schedule. Source—








Rise early2—before the sun, dedicate3 to the way and its aim, affirm4 the universal nature of being. Morning reflection in nature. Breakfast.



Meditative-contemplative review5 priorities and plans—the way, life, the day. Reflect on realization, priorities, and means; employ simple reflection, (calming—Shamatha—for re-orientation of purpose and energy, contemplative or analytical meditation—Vipasana—to see what is essential now and in other time frames; see the discussion of experimental yoga and related systems).



Realization—(a) work, (b) care and relationships—networking, (c) ideas and action, (c) experimental and structured yoga-exercise-meditation-share in practice and in action, (d) other activities or ‘engagement in the world’—e.g., languages, art.



Tasks—daily and long term; midday meal. Attitude—in tasks and toward others and the world—an element of realization; light; yoga in action. May merge with Realization.



Physical activity—exercise and exploration of the worlds of nature6 and culture7 for experience and inspiration.



Evening8 rest, renewal, review, meditation and realization, network, community, tasks, supper, preparation-dedication for the next day and future. Sleep early.




1 Summary. Rise before the sun > review and plan the way, life, the day > realization—work, relationships, yoga, engage the world > tasks, meals, yoga in action > physical activity, exploration of culture and nature > evening rest, renewal, meditation, realization, networking, tasks, supper, preparation for the next day and future > sleep early.

2 Explanation. Rising before the world, enables looking at the world as special, sets a good tone for the day. It is an efficient use of daylight.

3 Dedication—I dedicate my life to The Way of Being; to living in this world and the ultimate as one. The Way or Means—To shared discovery and realization of the way under emergent reason in its pure and pragmatic dimensions. The Path—To shedding bonds of limited self so that I can see the way so clearly that even in difficulty life is flow over force—and so moving toward positive light; and to realizing the ultimate in this life and beyond.

4 Affirmation and ritual reminder of identity of self and Being— “That pure unlimited consciousness—transcending all principles of form… that is supreme reality. That is the ground for the establishment of all things—and that is the essence of the universe. By That the universe lives and breathes, and That alone am I. Thus, I embody and am the universe in its ordinary and most transcendent form.” Abhinav Gupta, 10th century philosopher and mystic of Kashmir.

5 Explanation. This Vipasana meditation may be unstructured. The extent of the review depends on need. An accumulation of expectation and planning may occasion extensive review, perhaps of a few hours to days.

6 For nature. Beyul—a tradition of Tibetan Buddhism is travel and being in nature, sometimes to remote places, in search of extended experience of self and the ultimate, with openness to inspiration. Nature photography.

7 For culture. Experience traditions for learning and impact on identity.

8 Explanation. Review for improvement. Plan and layout the next day for efficiency and to preserve productive time.