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Classical Mechanics


Considerations on causality; relationships - local vs. action at a distance…in space, in time [?] and space-time [?]

Quantum Theory

Support for: determinism within indeterminism…structure and emergence…emergence of the world and creativity

Note that this idea has separate derivation from the immediate; from common experience…in some cultures it may be so obvious as to not need derivation! This idea is a theme: Science - in the sense of the esoteric rather than as continuous with the common - and the Esoterica provide support for the elemental, common and fundamental truths:

Corroboration…in the domain of the immediate

Complement and extension beyond this domain

Modeling, simulation, concretization and concrete example to permit comparison of concept with the immediate, the world

Extensions by relativity and gravitation…nature of matter…creation and annihilation

Relativity some issues and questions

What is the meaning and significance of the relation space-time…in particular the relation ship does not mean that space and time are identical. That space and time are our coordinations of relationships. What is the meaning of c, light speed, as a fundamental constant? That it is a property of matter and its relationships…seen this way it can be seen as intrinsic though not ultimate…perhaps a low level condition or expression of existence/becoming. And in this way it is an empirical entity an empirical and conditional limit rather than an ultimate entity or limit

What are we talking about when we use the ideas of space-time-matter?

The relationship matter-space-time and its dynamics and the nature of matter-energy; the ontological status of space-time…relationship to the arbitrariness of coordinate systems, that time has an ontological status higher than mere convention, the intrinsic time of a particle or point in being, the nature of the ontology of particle-field, and the coordination and relation among times and beings including its primitive relation to coordinate transformations…

What is the significance of the indeterministic and non-local aspects of quantum theory for the origin and evolution of “space-time-matter?”

Relativitysome reflections and answers

Start with the idea that in the “beginning” there was nothing

Consider, later, modifications to these ideas if not starting with beginning there was nothing. For example, we could start with the Anthropic Principle and its philosophical relative - Kant’s Transcendental Method…i.e. what are the conditions or “presuppositions” of existence or the becoming of sustained being

Relative to this idea, the conditions of existence require

Process… [and being]…indeterministic and deterministic…without indeterminate process there is no genesis

Time-process is bound up with indeterminism

At the physical level this requires indeterminism…that may derive from quantum indeterminism

Stability beyond virtual existence

Phases of determinism

Growth beyond geneses

Virtual --> real

Structure and variation with selection

…selection as an aspect of the conditions of existence or becoming

Conditions of existence = generation from “simple” entities


Sentience from beginning but of an elementary form

Necessity of this point in this universe

These considerations re-emphasize the need to integrate relativity and electromagnetism with quantum theory and relativity

Unity of nature as a particle-field entity or collection from a single genesis and, particle partakes of the character of field [?] but discretized or accumulated though not essentialized and this that the conditions of common existence include the identity of particles as elements of an entire field - the field of the universe--[the field of being and concepts]--but see comments on pre-geometry below - and of identical intrinsic times to particles but difference in relative actual times according to situation

…and space-time-force as “projection/interpretation/manifestation” in or by sentience or sentient entities of B-P-R

Alternative reflection from the experience of being

The essence of the above can be derived from the local and common experience of being-monads and the idea-concept of learning-exploration: b <--> B

Dimensionality and Geometry

…leads to dimensionality derived from of during the foregoing and this relates to Wheeler’s pre-geometry

…relates to Wheeler’s pre-geometry, Charles W. Misner, Kip S. Thorne and John Archibald Wheeler, Gravitation: gravitation as an expression of the vacuum and discretization…in this view there is no need to unify gravitation with the other fields because it shows up as a manifestation of space-time-matter-field!

…relate to Wheeler’s pre-geometry as the calculus of propositions

…relate to my idea of the relations within Being