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How science takes care of the non-uniqueness of induction. 1

The given. 1

Occasion for logic. 1

Worldview.. 1

How science takes care of the non-uniqueness of induction

1.      There are patterns. However, the patterns are not given to be universal. Induction of patterns begins with intuition, selection of the most obvious pattern, criticism, and such devices as Ockham’s Razor

2.      Continuing interaction between the ‘induced pattern’ and experience (data) especially at the edge of the application so far

The given

The world view begins with neither atomism nor other substance nor the final positing of a substantive view—there is no substance… but in the middle with our e-experience, especially that (some) part of experience that by critical analysis is shown beyond criticism.

Occasion for logic

As such contradiction is not native to the world; it is only when one part of the world is held as a picture of another that the possibility of contradiction arises. I.e., the native view of Logic is that it is what must be satisfied by a part of the world in order for it to be a picture


The infinite expansion from the ‘standard world view’ can already be read in Newton® 20th century science