ANIL MITRA, © November 2014







The process of realization continues.

The framework of ideas is complete. It reveals that the universe is ultimate; the individual identical to it; and that even in their greatest form they do not step outside process.

The ultimate character of the universe and its identity to the individual.

Realization while in limited form is process without end or limit to its extension or variety.

Realization is given but effectiveness and enjoyment are immensely enhanced by committed engagement and intelligent use of resources of being and environment.

A proper path of realization requires design, risk, and revision. Such a path has been laid out and is in process.


  1. The process of realization of the universal continues.
  2. The framework of ideas—the conceptual phase—is complete in demonstrating (a) the universe as ultimate—as the realization of all possibility, especially all manifestation and identity; particularly, our cosmos must be unremarkable in its quality among cosmological systems without limit (b) identity of the individual with the universe (c) that while in limited form realization is a process for individual and universe that is without limit in duration, extension, and variety of being (d) this does not contradict reason (fact including science and reason including logic).
  3. While there is no necessary path, informal population and adaptation analysis suggests that the greatest and most effective path is intelligent and committed engagement at the boundary of the known and unknown, manifest and not yet manifest (this is well known and reasonable). What is not well recognized is the fact of transformation of being and its ultimate range.
  4. Ideas and transformation necessarily mesh: ideas are a form of transformation, my life—e.g., and especially my experience of nature—is an inspiration in the nature of being. But the ideas are now a source of formal process—a mechanics and a system of elements and phases of being which lead to laying out a specific but revisable path (via a revisable template). This involves and draws from tradition—east and west; ancient, modern, and recent; but also requires intelligent action and risk.
  5. The phases are I. Ideas II. Transformation of being III Shared endeavor—Civilization and IV Artifact (science and technology, particularly those of intelligence and commitment).