Dedication and Affirmation





Appendix—meditation and attitude




I dedicate2 my life to The Way of Being—living in this world and the ultimate as one;

To its shared3 discovery and realization4;
Under the Logos5 and its dimensions, pure and pragmatic;

To moving toward positive light—to shedding bonds6 of limited self so that I can see the way so clearly that even in difficulty life is flow over force;

To realizing the ultimate in this life and beyond7; to seeing and realizing the identity of individual and universal self and Being8.


“That pure unlimited consciousness—transcending all principles of form… that is supreme reality. That is the ground for the establishment of all things—and that is the essence of the universe. By That the universe lives and breathes, and That alone am I. Thus I embody and am the universe in its ordinary and most transcendent form.”

Appendix—meditation and attitude

Shamatha Center physical, self – relax, breath – one pointed focus | Visualize-feel the real: tat tvam asi

Review Life – essentials – solutions – freshness – nature trip

Vipasana Dedication-affirmation-attitude for life, the day, and The way of Being
Attitude: from negative to positive self-world concept in balance with achieving


1 With inspiration from the third step of twelve step programs.

2 In thought and feeling.

3 For sharing is—part of—Being!

4 The meansdiscovery and realization correspond roughly to the division of ideas and action. Ideas are both imaginative-constructive and critical.

5 This amounts to reason or the logos and its dimensions—(i) ideal—psyche-world or inner-outer and (ii) pragmatic—world as nature (elementary-physical—complex-living-psychic), society-civilization, and the universal-unknown, and (iii) a system of human knowledge, reason, practice, and action.

6 The bonds are due to (i) the effect other persons in undesirable ways and (ii) false paradigms of the real and the universe. In the system of human knowledge, reason, practice, and action, the overcoming bonds are part of and continuous with realization. A balance is needed between the ‘overcoming’ which is living well and achieving. We do not wait to be full and healed to act for action is fulfilling and healing.

7 Again, see a previous footnote for the means. These means are intrinsic—of Being—and instrumental—of body and civilization—which are not ultimately distinct. Being becomes one as civilization populates the universe.

8 With this the dedication includes the essence of the affirmation.

9 Paraphrase—Abhinava Gupta.