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= Days Rise early dedicate.affirm Review realize PNSU musicYoga XAM-meditate.attitudeTasks-meals ▪ Explore XPM rest/plan.realize/network/tasks.bed early

= Breakdays-plan-prep-begin early

= Universal PNSU: Psyche-yogaNature-beyul Sangha-share-travel.insight trips-civilization-artifact Universal-The Real-BrahmAtma (death—significance, meaning)



Now | notesDay | Trip




Changes: Legend—critical (begun) done

Simplify all + meditate—esp to get head clear

 #1  Fundamentallife (death: real, decidable: Atman®Brahman-share) 1. Attitude 2. Essentials 3. Do it-back to ground Trips Attitude (weather, trail cond)

 #2  Place of search craiglist, ads, edd, rental.job services > LaurieEssential website; issues

 #3  People—reach all—share destiny attitude (divest possessiveness) realization#1: defuse conflicts of priority and time commitment. Love

 #4  Health—posture am 30m walk-stretch pm walk+pack; ¯bp meds Medical—colon-prostate-mole, podiatrist, Shingrix

 #5  Food-fluidsEliminate alcohol, salt/sugar— Reduce eating-amount-occasions-coop coffee vitamins Implement Mediterranean type diet, healthy dessert fluid subs: alcohol-sugar drinks am fluids

 #6  Time—stop quora, focus—use time blocks, do not stumble, eat main meal early, elim obsessive preoccupation, e.g.  hair; drive self over essentials Video some pms Space-access to—property Be ready to move

 #7  Financesongoing review, save, spend less, enhance income:  feasible job



= Foundation Attitude action ▪ Place PNSU $needs 18 mo car Be ready xt-store ▪ Health changesProjects editor Web dev-prog

= Engaging Priorities: Speech-Spanish-Travel-Share

Art speech photo video music dance drama lhdraw paint

Languages writing spanish bengali sanskrit

Travel-live-write Mexico Virgin Is. Inland-mntns…

Share functional communicationServe-volunteer skills

Bike skill-endurance-rides-iiaccessorize design-build


Material and Calendar

= Week

= Days, above Regular § Break-decide prep leave early

= Taskdays Thursdays prn Plantravel prep-acquire

Clean-hair § meals cook per week/freeze § supplies fluids nuts cereal-grains-pulses green veg-raw-fruit-coffee oil-spice § meds toilet § stamps envelopes cards storage cleaners-paper § maintain clothes gear bike

= Month / now

= Year—realize, travel-share-trips, tax, xmas-birthday



Acquisitions – Prioritized
Cross out when acquired


¨ Drive train § Handle bars § Road tires § Seat § Pedal § Fender

¨ Bike-shorts-Munich pants

¨ HD wheels – panniers – front rack (Old Man Mountain) – hike and bike § Touring-posture-backup bicycles


¨ Try out all gear—esp tarps with hiking poles, bivvy sac; minimize § Day pack+straps § Inst-alt foods-coop-online-dehydrate

¨ Hat § Dark pant-short zip pocket 38" loop-belt (check existing pants) § Capilene shirts, long and short u’wear

¨ Swiss Army knife § Tent-footprint (use bivvy) § Cell pad

¨ Insect repel-Bear spray

¨ Cl02 (filter) § Spade § Flex 2 gal contr

¨ http:// www osprey pack cover

Travel (travel/hiking list/plan)

¨ Spanish dvd § Travel gear—tough strap § Review ASUS T100 + HD CASE + USB, s’ware

General acquisitions

¨  Travel-Home Computer + software (É publishing) + mouse + scanner + blue ray § Camera-memory cards-batteries § Smart and travel phone phone - change damaged phone - voice recording § Headphones

¨ HTML 5, css-latex-web prog-js, c++, remote and cloud editing § cad § Weinberg: Cosmology, Q Th of Fields § © ISBN

¨ PJ top, bottom, slippers, padded pants § Clothing–Clio faux leather jacket, boots, pants, dkny jeans, shirts § Iron & board § Flannel bedsheets and pillow cases § Towels § Glasses screwdriver, screws; spare pair, frame

¨ Space heater-in house? § Strong umbrella § Carpet / rug § Chair with cushion / cushion for chair back § Writing board § Deck chair § Portable outdoor table - chairs