Plan for the document

Outline of essentials

Long version

Essential version

Financial Plan

Minimize Excel and this


Asset estimation and enhancement


Plan for the document

Priorities, minimize to essentials

Essentials for realization – attitude – place – health

Return to zero (‘Jhang’)—Just do it… all at once!

Outline of essentials

Long version

 #2  Place of search craiglist, ads, edd, rental.job services > LaurieEssential website; issues

 #3  People—reach all—share destiny attitude (divest possessiveness) realization#1: defuse conflicts of priority and time commitment (the future should be an open limitless vista). Love

 #4  Health—posture am 30m walk-stretch pm bike walk+pack; ¯bp meds Medical—colon-prostate-mole, podiatrist, Shingrix

 #5  Food-fluidsEliminate milk/products (protein milk sub) alcohol, most salt/sugar—added-additive (coffee, sodas, desert); coffee filters Reduce eating-amount-occasions-coop coffee vitamins: multivitamin + glucosamine + backup vitamins Implement Mediterranean type diet (whole wheat tortillas, cook beans, fresh veg: raw-cooked, olive oil), healthy dessert (whole wheat fig bars…) fluid subs: alcohol-sugar drinks; coffee with food; am fluids

 #6  Time—stop quora, focus—use time blocks, do not stumble, eat main meal early, elim obsessive routine-preoccupation, e.g.  hair; prevent dither with fortitude, anticipation, meditation, fluids, and rest; drive self over essentials—accept some pain but and not to excess; get adequate to good rest Video some pms Space-access to—property videos-books-clothes-food-fluids Be ready to move

 #7  Financesongoing review, priority: realization (place-computer-Beyul-sangha) So—aim of asset management: increase available funds (1) for & using the main priority—income from realization related work, selling ideas (2) save, spend less, place with less expense, enhance income: engg-math-compu.. any feasible job

Essential version

 #1  FundamentalThe way, share, website Trips for attitude Focus—anticipate defocus, brief meditative refocus, accept some pain, drive self over essentials appropriately, rest

 #2  Place to share, realize > Search craiglist, ads, edd, rental.job services > Laurie

 #3  People—reach all—divest possessiveness—share destiny attitude. Love

 #4  Health—posture AM fluids and 30m walk-stretch PM bike-walk-pack Medical—screenings, feet, ¯a1c-bp meds

 #5  Food-fluidsEat early Elim-reduce-substitute alcohol salt sugar amount coffee vitamins dairy Implement Plan healthy diet for a week, shop, cook, freeze

 #6  TimeFocus use time blocks, don’t not stumble, eliminate obsessions Video some pms Space­-be ready to move access dvd's cd's books stationery clothes food fluids tools toilet meds ¿what else?

 #7  Finance—conserve, spend less, enhance income with feasible work / initiative

Financial Plan

Minimize Excel and this


My main priority is realization (a conducive place, internet, computer, Beyul, Sangha – traditional and modern)


The aim of asset management is to increase available funds,

Firstly for and using the main priority—e.g., income from realization related work, selling ideas

Secondly by saving, spending less, having a place with less expense, enhancing income – engineering – math – computation… any feasible job



Vacations and search—$6,000


One time

Eyes—$ 1,770

Move to a new place (PNSU)—$3,000

Teeth—$ 1,700






Total—travel and one time expenses






Bike chain, chain set, and cassette, and tires

Asset estimation and enhancement

Use Excel


Savings begin when total bank balance is greater than one time expenses of $ 9,460

Guaranteed income

CalPers $ 1,550

Social security $ 970

Monthly expenses

Rent and utilities with phone $ 730

Cash $ 600

Improving net income


Job? Online?

To not spend

Coop; other random whims