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All times-places. The present—enjoyment—‘no mind’. Meditation-focus—practice-action-relation.

Attitude—Affirmative commitment, action, association. ‘Angst’ ®‘no mind’ ® existential-critical action.

Death—Conditions-means-place-time. Gateway to the ultimate—horizon for commitments—live in transience.

AM. Review-dedicate. Being.Transform—below—yoga (). XAM/PM: week—mild to extreme.

YOGA—used in a general sense of psychophysical practice and transformation; includes
(1) Catalytic activity for discrete increments—meditation, exertion, extended action etc.
(2) Securing increment in reason, experience, memory and artifact.

PM. Network. Sustain | relax | review-dedicate-meditate | sleep early.

Networking resources

From charting the journey.html #resources

Communicate—talk, invite sharing—everywhere. Media—social media / mail / email / phone / visit. Publish—self, publisher. Site—blog-community; simple, multiple on single host, modular, revisable.

Share—iniate and maintain contacts: promote and publish | find-cultivate like minded and affirmative people, expertise, invite collaboration, maintain communication, find an appropriate work setting.

Transformation—teachers—ways and catalysts.

Institutions—secular and trans-secular—sources of pertinent learning and insight for grounding and realization, places to stay and work.

Institutional resources—financial and expertise for a community for transformation (TransCommunity).

BecomingMechanics. Change by any means; capture in memory, body, way of life, reason, culture, and artifact. Program—below

Individual Transformation.  Immersion-participation.   Nature.   Culture.   .

Details. Use of ‘mechanics’, ‘ways’, ‘catalysts’ (‘Yoga’) in transformation… Select and experiment with catalysts and ways… Place—nature as place, inspiration; and realization-‘Beyul’; return to society… experiment with charisma.

NetworkCommunicate-publish.   Contact-share.   Institutions-resources.   | .


Journey in Being   |   Experience   |   Standard Cosmologies   |   Metaphysics   |   Significance   |   Imperative   |   Civilization   |   The Way   |   Program

Plan for the document—refine, minimize, write as simpler version with notes. Render as a presentation?

Journey in Being

What? Search for realization—quest for discovery and realization of the Universe, its greatest manifestation, the place of animal being in it.

Being? Neutral and empowering container for understanding and process. Even neutral to neutrality—allows appropriate commitment.

Journey? Human and individual endeavor often experienced as journey. ‘Being’ will be revealed as a process.


First meaning—awareness (scope extended later). Not everything (in this meaning), experience is focal point of point of engagement, relation, significance, and our being. Associated with seeing, thinking, knowing, intending, acting. Begins in but not limited to the present.

Moral—as long as individuated, you are your primary source and inspiration—cultivate your life, especially cumulative experience and endeavor. Teachers are guides and inspiration to inspiration.

Standard Secular and Trans-secular Cosmologies

A virtue of the standard secular cosmology is as a map of our cosmos. A fairly widespread error (positivism) is in not seeing that experience does not even probably limit the universe to the known cosmos.

A main virtue of the trans-secular is as map of psyche. A common error is conflation of myth with truth (and significance of myth with significance of truth).

Experience allows the universe to be wide open requiring only agreement in what the experience shows of the cosmos.

Imagine a universe without limit to form (which here includes ‘size’). The general scene is one of limited structure and interaction. Occasionally structured and less than transient forms arise in very weak interaction with the immense background universe. Inhabitants have no immediate way of knowing of the background. One such less-than-transient is an exact replica of our cosmos.

Taken together the standard cosmologies strongly tend to result in immense and unnecessary limits on our perspectives.


Realism—the only experiential limit on the Universe is that its description agree with experience in its valid domains.

Liberal realismthe Universe is the greatest Being consistent with realism. Liberal realism has no conflict with experience, i.e. with fact and reason, i.e. with science and logic which we may rename Logic or Realism.

Proof. The laws of nature apply only to manifest forms. There is no law of the Void. Therefore the forms realized by the Void are without limit. Since the Void is part of every element of Being—including the Universe, these too are without limit.

Meaning and consequences. The conceptual meaning is that the Universe is defined by Logic or Realism. It is important that this Realism is not a limit but a constraint on ‘thought’ (creativity allows non realistic conceptions—those that disagree with known fact and logic). In this sense Realism says ‘the Universe has no limits’. Consequences are vast, include (1) Manifestation and Identity (‘connected experience’) of the Universe occurs in acute, diffuse and absent phases and is without limit on variety, extension, duration, summit-elevation of form, and dissolution; (2) The individual assumes Identity-manifestation of the Universe (else there would be a limit on the Universe); (3) For limited form, realization is an endless and ever-fresh journey (unlimited form would ‘see’ all and have no occasion for freedom or reasoning; the only way to go would be dissolution / demotion).

Doubt. Our experience of the world as it is, our experience of limits. Resolution. Limits such the physics of our cosmos, pain, death are real (normal) but not absolute.

Essential doubt. The proof. There are alternatives and plausibility but doubt remains. It is important to see that the principle of limitlessness violates no facet of experience (including reason).


Maximize significance consistent with truth.

Shows the true nature of the Universe.

Gives meaning to ambition, death, pain, suffering; does not show death and pain etc. to be avoidable (‘Nirvana’ is an occasional outcome). Limitlessness requires the occasional experience of and therefore realistic deference to limits.


Process begins ever in the present; but widens the scope of meaning of the present… of an ‘instant’.


From its significance, plausibility, and consistency—the principle of limitlessness as guide to action. Faith is the attitude conducive to greatest outcome. This is precisely as for all endeavors of significance.

While peak or summit forms are given it is reasonable that efficiency and enjoyment are immensely enhanced by commitment and engagement.


Civilization is the matrix of endeavor. Human civilization is the web of cultures across time and continents. Universal Civilization is the matrix of civilizations across the Universe.

Individuals foster civilization; civilization nurtures the individual.

Civilization provides disciplines—rough cumulative modes of ‘method’; as well as culture as a rough cumulative ‘discipline’ of disciplines. There is no ultimate discipline or master; there is sharing and teaching at the experimental front of all endeavor.

The disciplines are intrinsic—concern our ‘being’ e.g. Yoga as the system of disciplines of connection of individual and universe; and instrumental or ‘extrinsic’ e.g. science and technology. Practices can be described as ‘catalytic’ of abrupt change and capturing or stabilizing. The former include disruptions of psyche, the latter include integration in memory, reason, culture, and artifact.

The Way

From experience—ideas and action are the means

Individual and civilization are vehicles

Places of realization are the primitive ground or nature and the matrix of mutual support-civilization, culture, community

Modes of realization are intrinsic and instrumental

The way. From limitlessness there is no deterministic way of realization. The essence of any mechanics is change by any means and capture in form or adaptation. At the front, the final resort for change is ‘take the next step’ and for capture it is risk—i.e. ‘success or failure’. In between the vehicles, means, places, and modes are available. An essential connection between the received ways  etc. and the front is openness and experiment.

A program

Ideas-meditation ® Transformation: individual ® Civilization ® Artifact-technology ® Ideas…

Ideas and meditation—support and ongoing

(1) Support for the other phases—mechanics with catalysts and ways; shared endeavor, TransCommunity (Institute) design; concepts for artifact and technology

(2) Ongoing development of revealed potential—pure and applied metaphysics (intersection of tradition and metaphysics), Logic

Individual transformation—change and capture—home, nature, civilization

(1) Home—‘Yoga’ as ways and experiment in connection; focused endeavor immensely enhances efficiency and enjoyment of realization

(2) Nature—inspiration; ground and portal, ‘Beyul’

(3) Civilization—immersion and sharing: general, program of ideals, context of institutions—secular and other

Transformation of civilization—sharing, TransCommunity

(1) Shared endeavor—continuous with above; sharing and communication multiply efficiency (1) numerically, (2) mutual support, (3) origin and distribution of function (ideas, action, charisma, ‘mass action’) by ability and need, (4) synthesis by communication at a variety of levels, local and up, (5) cumulative over time. The social character of human being is reflected in duality of efficiency and enjoyment of sharing.

(2) TransCommunity—intentional, institute

Artifact and technology—concepts, implementation

(1) Concepts, design, building…

(2) Implementation—independent, adjunct, ‘symbiotic’, and co-evolutionary



Space-property—triage: necessary and immediate-store-disposable, gear—organize for access, organize room for action, store | Time-action | Money


Independent—tour bike, trailer, hike / bike DL, auto, DMV laws, reciprocity. Assisted—casual, pro, advertise. .

PlaceHome | Location—inspiration, supportive association, collaboration; CRAIGLIST | Work.  

Schedule—contact realty / setup ® store and travel ® find place (contacts, ads, Craiglist)

Location, e.g. shadow of mountains and mist—Arcata, W’ville, G’ville, US, Mexico, Assam, Continents, World

Work—Institute / University. TransCommunity.


MD: advance initiative; tired—caffeine, sugar (hormone), dehydration; lesions, Weaverville; Azelastine | DDS: Lewis, Weaverville, Burre, Mex, insurance | COUNSEL | lifestyle-diet, physical activity—therapy, exercise—aerobic (bike), flexibility, tone

Issues—details—possibilities for tiredness: depression, post acute w/d, caffeine etc., sugar, hormone / enzyme levels, hydration levels, dental infection, mold, roundup

Work skills.

Priorities—(1) Job and money (2) Automate conceptual analysis, publication, networking

Emphases—(1) Information processing—networking. Web design and publishing; networking tools e.g. blog, email, http…; software use; programming (2) Technical. Engineering, mathematics, computation (algorithms…) (3) Analysis. Scope, method, application.

Detail. Access skills; Excel; programming visual basic versus C++. Other possibilities

Next cycle…  

Transformation of Civilization Shared endeavor—TransCommunity.   ®   

Transformation of civilization, its arrangements and interrelation—immersion and participation; share the elements (give, receive); setting up and living in TransCommunity. Place—society, institutions including government and university (academic), TransCommunity.

A grant andor other support is a valuable measure of participation.

Artifact & Technology Artificial Being—TransCommunity.   ®   

Artifact and Technology in Symbiotic Transformation—study, research, development, prototype, and production program—science (physics, biology, information, psycho-philosophy), technology, design, build of ‘artificial being’. Place—Academic institutions, Research and Development institutions, TransCommunity.

Note. The symbiotic case includes the adjunct and independent use of artifact. Note that while ‘symbiosis’ usually refers to two or more biological species; here it refers to combinations that include artifact and technology.

Ideas & Meditation    Logic, pure and applied metaphysics, mechanics with catalysts and ways. Meditation—focus in practice and action  ®   Individual

Priorities and tasks


Health | Minimize (action, space, money) | Death reckon | Expt-share-work ® travel ® place ® transport


This | Archive (streamline, include hiking list) | Get away from writing for a while ® Site: blog






Coffee, vitamins | shop | cook | update and backup | laundry, clean




& phone.


Project. Print; publish—offer jib for sale to local bookstores. General. Keys


General. Keys (bike ® hide on bike)




Individual transformation


Transformation of Civilization ® Artifact and technology ® Ideas