Anil Mitra—Hiking list—General planning and preparation

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yr rnd: all year | contr: container | sp: spare | fn: function | cp: capilene | src: source | wp: w’proof | new, important | just before leaving


Planning & prep

Notes- needs




Long term-review this list esp red items

Trip-kind  Places-alt map-guide-contact for trail-road access, hazard info; use local storage. Goalsprojects xpt physical-mental / open trip-living / warm up trip Travel prep: vacc; info contacts.make map-guides phrase bk; air bus sea ride; schedules tickets permits insurance

Readinessgear language; yr rnd endurance-flex-balance; skill: route-x-c, tent-tarp, climb, animal-plant-weather recog, knots, med rspnse

Routinize—meals, trail technique, meals, ‘transformationEfficiency—am: alarm + light, have food ready, ¯ unpack ­ pre-pack

Short term-as trip nears

Gear-med—layout, go over needs—check-treat-repair-replace-get shoes, stove, tent, mattress, liners, meds, fresh-charged batteries

Packing—get and sack gear and non-food supplies; get food; minimize items and weight Person—hair, nails, feet

Food, fuel, supplies—check supplies, lighters / dry matches—note needs, get. Notify banks of plans Perishables just before leaving

Pack (w’proof, stuff sack) Principle: min—wt, items, sacks


1 Pack for access: top ® body ® weigh-pare… 2 Pack cover 3 Heavy items close to body, ¯ = climb, ­ = downhill 4 Layout night before

Top—plans… small items, spares

Travelplans maps permits visa/passport; wallet CDL cred card-checks cash key; tickets-passes-schedules; p-words | med resp-knots-notes. Watch clock. Pen paper Cell phone-trav camera chargers; binocs sp glasses-shades Toiletmirror comb shave t brush-paste d-floss p-shave m-wash; Accessory bagknife, compass, thermometer, nail clip, lamp, lighter, ear plugs, pen, glasses ¿Needle nose pliers?

Bodymeds, spares, rope, repairs etc

Meds—salt / w-purifier tabs, insect repel chapstick sunscreen analgesic xanax, allergy antibiotic cortisone, anbesol, band-aids, medical tape

Spare—pens, batteries camera cards lighters, watch, glasses, o rings, rubber bands, stuff sacks, wp bags, ziplocs

Rope etc—for hanging + sp + tent stays | sp shoelaces, sp straps, sp buckles; stuff sack, spade, sling-shot

Repair—tent / stove / insulating pad / pill-box: needle-reg / strong thread / razor blade Instructions—watch, stove, tent

Body—clothes, straps

Feet—2 heavy & 1 light pr sox, boots or hike-run shoes,  sandals | Snow shoes / skis / hiking poles Legs—pants (cum) shorts (dark, zip pockets, 38", loops + belt: use straps?), u'wear-cp (short, long), pants: warm &OR wind &OR rain Torso—cp t-shirt long (w / collar) & short sleeves, shirt, warm top, jacket, wind &OR rain top + hood, warm / wp gloves Head—cap / hat, bandana, warm wear—chullo, umbrella, insect netting Misctowel Travel | town—duplicate only if essential— pants, shorts, shirt, t-shirt, shoes, sox, sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, dress clothes, coolness, swim trunks, sleep and warm wear, rain gear and umbrella, suitcases  / travel packs, day pack

Body—shelter food prep, storage

Food prep—stove-fuel-¾ qt/wk, base-windshield-clip; lighter/wp matches; cookware-holder, scrub pad-utensils-coffee filter

Shelter—biv sac, tarp-stakes-ropes, (sm) tent, ground sheet & pad (closed cell), sleeping bag-stuff sack-wp-straps

Storage—H2O (filter): qt bottle x 2 + flex 2 gal / 15 mi src to src, hang sack; wp food sacks etc, cooked food contr; day pack

Body—food (amt / wk)

Breakfast—granola 4c, vitamins, milk: 2c PDR @ 2/3 c : 1c H2O, evap milk, coffee ¾lb, sugar 16oz Trail 2c ea—nuts, dried fruit, snacks; food bars… Supper—rice1 3c (inst-online) / beans1 2c, ramen, salt 1-2oz, spices, fresh / dried veg-meat, tortilla-bread, oil, soup, cheese, desert, tea, drink mixes Water: base = 3 USqt/day +  1 qt/5 mi; more if hot-dry, uphill Expt—alt foods: variety, 1dry-quick prep, fresh

Return—base, home

Clean, launder, repair / replace, new items; replenish supplies. Write notes, mod to goals, this sheet; edit photos; review; upload