Anil Mitra—Hiking list—General planning and preparation

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yr rnd: all year | contr: container | sp: spare | fn: function | cp: capilene | src: source | wp: w’proof | new, important | just before leaving


General planning and preparation

Notes on Canyon Creek Road

Plan forTrinity Alps


General planning and preparation


Planning & prep

Notes- needs




Long term-review this list esp red items

Trip-kind  Places-alt for trail-road access, hazard info; local storage. Goalsprojects xpt physical-psyche / open trip-living / trial trip Travel prep: vacc; info contacts.make map.guides phrase bk;; schedules tickets permits insurance

Readinessgear language; yr rnd endurance-flex-balance; skill: route-x-c, tent-tarp, climb, animal-plant-weather recog, knots, med rspnse

Routinize—meals, trail technique, meals, ‘transformationEfficiency—am: alarm + light, have food ready, ¯ unpack ­ pre-pack

Short term-as trip nears

Gear-med—layout, go over needs—check-treat-repair-replace-get shoes, stove, tent, mattress, liners, meds, fresh-charged batteries

Packing—get and sack gear and non-food supplies; get food; minimize items and weight Person—hair, nails, feet

Food, fuel, supplies—check supplies, lighters / dry matches—note needs, get. Notify banks of plans Perishables just before leaving

Pack (w’proof, stuff sack) Principle: min—wt, items, sacks


1 Pack for access: top ® body ® weigh-pare… 2 Pack cover 3 Heavy items close to body, ¯ = climb, ­ = downhill 4 Layout night before

Top—plans… small items, spares

Travelplans maps permits visa/passport; wallet CDL cred card-checks cash key; tickets-passes-schedules; p-words | med resp-knots-notes. Watch clock. Pen paper Cell phone-trav camera chargers; binocs sp glasses-shades Toiletmirror comb shave t brush-paste d-floss p-shave m-wash; Accessory bagknife, compass, thermometer, nail clip, lamp, lighter, ear plugs, pen, glasses ¿Needle nose pliers?

Bodymeds, spares, rope, repairs etc

Meds—salt / w-purifier tabs, insect repel chapstick sunscreen analgesic xanax, allergy antibiotic cortisone, anbesol, band-aids, medical tape

Spare—pens, batteries camera cards lighters, watch, glasses, o rings, rubber bands, stuff sacks, wp bags, ziplocs

Rope etc—for hanging + sp + tent stays | sp shoelaces, sp straps, sp buckles; stuff sack, spade, sling-shot

Repair—tent / stove / insulating pad / pill-box: needle-reg / strong thread / razor blade Instructions—watch, stove, tent

Body—clothes, straps

Feet—2 heavy & 1 light pr sox, boots or hike-run shoes,  sandals | Snow shoes / skis / hiking poles Legs—pants (cum) shorts (dark, zip pockets, 38", loops + belt: use straps?), u'wear-cp (short, long), pants: warm &OR wind &OR rain Torso—cp t-shirt long (w / collar) & short sleeves, shirt, warm top, jacket, wind &OR rain top + hood, warm / wp gloves Head—cap / hat, bandana, warm wear—chullo, umbrella, insect netting Misctowel Travel | town—duplicate only if essential— pants, shorts, shirt, t-shirt, shoes, sox, sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, dress clothes, coolness, swim trunks, sleep and warm wear, rain gear and umbrella, suitcases  / travel packs, day pack

Body—shelter food prep, storage

Food prep—stove-fuel-¾ qt/wk, base-windshield-clip; lighter/wp matches; cookware-holder, scrub pad-utensils-coffee filter

Shelter—biv sac, tarp-stakes-ropes, (sm) tent, ground sheet & pad (closed cell), sleeping bag-stuff sack-wp-straps

Storage—H2O (filter): qt bottle x 2 + flex 2 gal / 15 mi src to src, hang sack; wp food sacks etc, cooked food contr; day pack

Body—food (amt / wk)

Breakfast—granola 4c, vitamins, milk: 2c PDR @ 2/3 c : 1c H2O, evap milk, coffee ¾lb, sugar 16oz Trail 2c ea—nuts, dried fruit, snacks; food bars… Supper—rice1 3c (inst-online) / beans1 2c, ramen, salt 1-2oz, spices, fresh / dried veg-meat, tortilla-bread, oil, soup, cheese, desert, tea, drink mixes Water: base = 3 USqt/day +  1 qt/5 mi; more if hot-dry, uphill Expt—alt foods: variety, 1dry-quick prep, fresh

Return—base, home

Clean, launder, repair / replace, new items; replenish supplies. Write notes, mod to goals, this sheet; edit photos; review; upload


Notes on Canyon Creek Road

This temporary material is in the J2012 folder

1 mi camp* (L on way in)

2 mi Power House Rd* (L)

3.1 min steep* access (L)

4.1 mi flat spot (L)

4.3       "

4.5 mi flat, road to* (L)

6.1 mi flat, road to* (L)

8.0 mi flat, road to* (L)

8.8 mi CC bridge, flat, *, (R)

9.5 mi, long trail to CC

Investigate—Grasshopper Flat turn off » 10 mi, East Fork trail » 10.5 mi

* = water!

Short Hikes from Weaverville

Weaver Bally Road and Trails

East Weaver Creek Road ® East Weaver Trail ® Trail to East Weaver Lake


Plan forTrinity Alps


Make Alt trip plans before leaving and / or in Weavervile ■ Leave Arcata Wed Sept 15 ■ Weaverville:  Night at Red Hill Motel | call / go to USFS re trail conditions and permit | Thu Sept 17—morning bus to trail ■ Trail plan: 7 days + on Canyon Creek Trail. Details follow, beginning in placesReturn: Cancun hotels | F.Now | All planning in one place






Reflect on plan / rhythm / places…

Days before leaving: Home: pack and be ready



 Living there | Have fun | Weaverville Basin Trail System


Example: days (1) Hike in, (2) explore Beyul, (3) Beyul-meditate / yoga, (4) rest and TWB


Hike in road to Canyon Creek—Canyon Creek Trail to (a) Canyon Creek and L Lakes—ridge and N. Fork Basin and / or (b) Boulder Creek Lakes

Way out—(a) Bear Creek Trail to Stuart Fork to Mirror Lake (Smith / Morris Lake xc side hike) (b) CC Road—Grasshopper Flat day hike (turn off » 10 mi from 299) (c) CC Road—East Fork trail overnight (» 10.5 mi from 299)

Explore alternate trails

Rides from Weaverville to Stuart Fork or Long Canyon


Pure being—meditation and presence

Beyul—seek places, e.g. L and Alpine Lakes

TWB—the aim, the means, the ideas. Prepare for: TWB: explaining it (The explanation template will be built up around a set of concepts adequate to understanding, using, and developing the way of being for the following purposes—(1) general and realization, (2) ideas, and (3) political-economic)

My life



Hikes for endurance, awareness, trail finding, x-c, meditation

Direction awareness, trail and compass, trail sense; terrain-weather-animal-plant recog / ways