Priorities and sustenance


This is the primary document for priorities and sustenance.


1. Dedicate, review-plan, meditate 2. Realization 3. Physical-therapeutic exercise 4. Network, relaxed enjoyment 5. Review, meditate, dedicate; sleep early.

My life

The present; enjoyment.

Death; understanding; adaptation—horizon for this life; gateway to ultimate via understanding and living in and meditating transience.

Realization: Journey in Being

Items that  are not currently a focus may be hidden.

Ideas—continue to develop the metaphysics, its existential side, its application to the discipline, implicit extension in action, and mechanics of transformation.

Transformation—nature as ground for catalytic experiment and inspiration; travel for cultural immersion and secular and trans-secular experience and learning.

Civilization—shared endeavor—ideas and transformation; learning, sharing, and securing of community transformation; TransCommunity

Network—talking; speaking—formal and impromptu appearance; publish—self and publisher; web—email, site with possible blog and forum, social media, publish

Artifact. Metaphysics, science, technology for independent, adjunct, and symbiotic ‘artificial Being’ for transformation and population of the Universe; TransCommunity.


Attitude | Transportation | Min-max (space, property and gear: time and action; money) | Place | Health (MD, DDS, lifestyle and diet) | Work and skills

Chores—flexible day

Table with days of the week















Town and web

Table of entries

Bottles (2,1), printer cartridges, TP-link










This table functions as a place to record ideas, tasks that are non-recurrent…

Do chart / this together (É resources, int / ext, routine, hidden items, use priorities-old, wall and other pp) ® JIB.doc

micro (non step increment; what should we do from standard beliefs—theories of human being etc)—date on auth p

Except dreams of certainty, security and control, $ φ final fndn of logic or ethics outside context

Full (Journey in Being-full.html)

impromptu—a menu of points and responses and suggested openers, points of departure, and orderings?

Books for study plan | DVD

Robin—email, phone

See table in priorities.html for this table and other material; eliminate priorities.html and replace it with this