The Universe and Human Destiny

Anil Mitra © March 8, 2013. Revised April 18, 2013

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Summation  1

The Elements  2

Civilization  3

Vehicles  3

Modes  3

Places  4

Process  4

Mechanics  4

Gateway  4

Limited and unlimited form   5

Disciplines  5

Transience and Arrival 5

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The document is basis for talks—formal and impromptu. This section provides ‘openers’. The entire document is very revisable at present

Truth is shown.

‘Truth’ is not declared as in religion; not irrationally limited as in positivist science.

It contains what is valid in the secular and the trans-secular—in science and religion. these endeavors. It goes immensely beyond them.

The universe is not seen as two realms—this world and a world beyond. Action in the present is action in the Universe.

There is no promise of salvation according to a formula. The positivist restriction human form as an accident in a meaningless universe is voided.

The promise is that process requires engagement and engagement has no immediate guarantee.

Engagement gives meaning and is on the way to ultimate realization.

For limited form realization is a process that is endless in duration and summits and dissolutions, boundless in extension and variety.

The Elements

Experience is the place of the first and every encounter

Experience is the rock of Being.

In experience we know of existence and therefore of Being.

The Universe is All Being.

The Void is the absence of manifest Being.

The Void is always there—it exists.

Take an element of Being from itself; what remains is the Void.

The Void is part of every element of Being; it is part of the Universe.

The natural Laws are patterns; they have Being.

The Void has no Law.

All states emerge from the Void for the contrary would be a Law.

The Void is without limit.

Every element of Being is without limit.

The Universe has no limits.

That what is given cannot be contradicted is not a limit.

That the elements of Being cannot violate the being of one another is not a limit.

Such apparent limits are constraints on reason.

The normal limits of experience are temporal.

From limitlessness, normal limits are overcome without trial.

However, it seems most likely that enjoyment and efficiency shall engage commitment, intelligence, and experiment.

Commitment and intelligence are essential to enjoyment of realization.

The Universe has Identity in acute, diffuse, and non-manifest phases.

There is no limit to the extension, duration, and variety of Being (in the Universe).

The manifest form of our cosmos is infinitesimal in comparison to the Universe.

Every element of Being is divisible.

Every atom is a cosmos—and every cosmos an atom.

The ideas of ‘atom’ and ‘cosmos’ are relative; the distinction is not.



Our civilization is the collection of cultures—of groups of individuals—over time and continents.

The matrix of civilizations across the Universe is Civilization.

The vehicles of realization are individual and civilization.


Individual action is different from ‘material process’ in that action is guided by ideas.

Ideas and action are the modes of realization.


The ground of civilization and realization is nature which is the primitive base of Being.

The fabric of civilization and realization is society and culture.

The places of realization are nature, society, and culture.



From limitlessness, the ultimate is implicit in the individual.

However, the ultimate is not immanent in the normal form of the individual. Therefore—the path of realization is not given or pre-determined.

That is, the path is not already in or known to the individual.

The process must therefore involve step-wise increments that involve intelligent experiment—risk—and failure vs. consolidation.

Realization requires use of intelligence in taking risks and consolidating results.

At the forefront of realization, at the boundary of the known and the unknown the intelligent risk is to take the next step.

It is reasonable to think most steps will be small.

However, large steps of stable consolidation are not ruled out

From limitlessness such large steps necessarily occur.


Death is given.

However, from limitlessness death is not absolute.

Life and death—joy and pain—are gates to the ultimate.

Limited and unlimited form

Aeternitas, realization of the ultimate for which the Universe is a point in time and space is given from limitlessness.

For limited form realization is process without end or boundary; for which realization is endless in variety, summits and dissolutions.


Civilization provides disciplines of knowledge and endeavor. There is no final discipline or Perfect Master. Shared endeavor is significant—there are teachers and mentors.

Finding a good teacher is useful but involves care and risk.

Realization may build upon the disciplines.

Though imperfect and transient the disciplines ground upon which to build.

Transience and Arrival

Though our form is transient, transience is a ground on which to build.

In living in transience we are ever arriving.

‘Ever arriving’ is not uniform. It passes through dissolution and pain and summit and joy.

This knowledge gives appreciation of transience and summit; may give meaning to pain and dissolving.

These are promises—there is no greater promise.

To know a promise surely, enhances the promise.

This is a ‘gift’ of the careful thought of The Elements.

Transience and arrival pass through Aeternitas.

This gives meaning to trial and pain.

There is no greater promise.