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DOCUMENT CREATED February 1, 2013

Anil MITRA, © COPYRIGHT 2013—2013

 Anil MITRA, PHD © COPYRIGHT JUNE 2003-February 2013

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Being is that which exists.
The power of ‘Being’ is its neutrality
To hypothetical kinds such as matter, mind,
And word as world.

Experience—awareness—is core,
Knowledge, and theatre of our Being.
Experience is pure, receptive, or active, which combine
As pure and creative ideas; and action.

The Universe is All Being.
Whatever has Being is in the Universe.
The Universe contains all creation
But is not created.
The Universe has neither beginning nor end.
The Universe is.

A law is a reading of a pattern;
The pattern itself is the immanent Law.
Laws have Being.
The Universe contains all Laws.

The Void is the absence of Being.
As complement to the Universe,
The Void exists and contains no Law.

All states emerge from the Void,
For the contrary would be a Law of the Void.
It is thus shown that the Void—and so
Being and the Universe—have no limits.

The Universe has no limits.
This demonstrated assertion
Is named the ‘fundamental principle of metaphysics’,
Which implies what follows.

Realism—i.e., Logic—is the only constraint for concepts
To have objects in the Universe.
Agreement with fact is part of this concept of Realism
Or Logic.

Human experience and natural science have domains of validity
But the Universe is greater without limit than those domains.
The Universe is greater without limit than our cosmos.

The Universe has (must have) manifestation and Identity
In acute, diffuse and absent (non-manifest) phases.

That something must come from nothing is a trivial corollary.

The extension, duration, variety, summit, and dissolution
Of manifest phases of Being in the Universe
Are without limit.

The Universe confers these powers on individuals—
For the contrary would entail a limit on the Universe.

The individual realizes the Universe.

If power is degree of limitlessness
The Universe is ultimate power
And the individual realizes this power.

(Our apparent limits are temporary conditions
Of our form of Being,
Which are the likely result of its origins.)

While in limited form realization is endless process—
A Journey in Being.

In unlimited form realization is Aeternitas—
Eternity in a moment—
To which life and death are gateways.

The oneness, connection, and continuity
Of these forms lie in Identity—
In experience and idea.

That realization for limited form is endless
Requires that the empirical and symbolic sciences
For such forms remain ever in process and
Require immersion for full expression.

Our civilization is the web of human culture
Across time and continents.
Greater Civilization is the matrix of civilizations
Across the Universe.

Individuals foster Civilization;
Civilization nurtures the individual.
Civilization is the hearth of realization;
The individual is the manifestation of realization.

(While in limited form realization is endless process—
A Journey in Being.)

While individual and Civilization are vehicles,
Ideas and action are modes of transformation and realization.

Civilization provides ways of ideation and action—
Disciplines of thought, discovery, and transformation.

The standard forms of the disciplines—
Secular and trans-secular—
Are riddled with error and limitation
But still constitute a ground on which to build.

(Our apparent limits are Laws
Or expressions of Law
Which also constitute an initial ground.)

The individual journey is given.
However its efficiency and enjoyment
Require commitment.

(The thoughts that follow amplify
Basis for a program for realization
Found in Journey in Being.html.)

The way of realization is
Analysis and synthesis of ideas and Being,
Which includes thought, experiment,
And correction.

The places of realization are
Nature and society.

Realization derives inspiration from the disciplines
And the powers of Being and thought
Revealed above.