Thoughts Toward the Foundation of Quantum Theory

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Importance of the Topic

The foundation of quantum theory, apart from its intrinsic importance, is important to metaphysics in that it connects any full theory of being to quantum theory and the theory of space and time

The elements of the foundation

How do space and time enter? Regarding relational vs. absolute theories, the deciding factor, should one be needed, is crucially dependent on what is meant. From the theory of being and its foundation in the void, what can space and time or space mean? Regarding primacy, there can be no meaning to ‘creation of space and time before or after creation of matter.’ Regarding independent being (absolute space and time,) actual though not potential space-time has no independent being if by space-time is meant the independent existence of a framework

What are the conditions that permit a framework? There must be elements of being such that some element can map some other elements

Thus there is no meaning to a scale that is smaller than that of the measuring element if we mean a measured space-time. In terms of theory, there is no meaning to a scale that is smaller than that of the original element. Thus there is no continuum at the level of the elements of being

Formulation of the foundation

An original seed propagates out forming what at gross levels is approximately a continuum

A space-time framework is possible

Dynamics is expressed as a probability (measure) on change, state and becoming