Trinity Alps

September 26—October 7 2013

Twelve days in the Trinity Alps

Anil Mitra



A Transition

Journey in Being

A Scripted Interview

Angles of approach


Journey in Being




Day after storm-(one)

Day after storm (two)

Pine against sky


Skies after storm


A Transition

This trip continues a transition between emphasis on writing (ideas) and living (being) the ideas of Journey in Being.

Living the ideas has begun, writing will continue—it is the emphasis that changes.

In the transition I’m seeking ways to forge ‘transformation of Being’, especially my being.

The process seeks something essentially new (to me). It is therefore going to be hesitant; it will therefore emphasize increment but also inspiration. I am reminded of the 1990—2003 when I searched through a number of paradigms on the way from a formally material to an open (Being) paradigm. Some keys of that process were (a) I did not and probably could not conceive the outcome (b) therefore I was open (c) I used ideas from just about any source—others (spoken, written), sources and ideas in the human traditions including religion and science and philosophy, imagination including precipitants to imagination such as change of routine and location. An essential of the change was to work on multiple paradigms in sequence and parallel in themselves and comparatively. From this and the insights gained the final paradigm ‘openness’ emerged.

These notes are fairly mundane. They emphasize routine goals. The aim however is depth and inspiration.

Journey in Being

A Scripted Interview

Title—example: ‘The Interview’

For The Chronicle

Angles of approach

1.       The Universe is All Being… without regard to distinction, e.g. space and time

2.       The boundary of all knowledge (Logic)

The essential character of experience as relation

3.       The Problem of and Need for Knowledge

Problem = Concept-Object—i.e., meaning. Also see ‘experience’ above

Need = Negotiate the world. Here and now. Destiny.

4.       Destiny


Individual Identity and consciousness



5.       The Fundamental Principle


Implications (identity, journey, cosmos, science)



Relation to tradition (secular and non-secular)

No external creator

No authority external to process (see problem of knowledge above)

6.       This life

Emphasize issue of pain, suffering, and challenge (over good and evil)

Problem of meaning

Accepting challenges is part of meaning

Accepting challenges of ultimate identity increases odds or realization

Details = of realization are ever in process

I may develop and present more than an in-process outline later but it is important that there is no pre-definition and solution of all issues.

For details there are secular and non-secular sources

7.       How I got here


That I am neither a philosopher nor a metaphysician—if by those terms you mean someone who devotes life or career to philosophical thought in the standard vein.

Why I did not study or get an advanced degree in philosophy at a university


Experience as subjective awareness includes cumulative experience by recall…

Journey in Being

1.       Emphasize how perfection in knowledge is possible (in some directions—depth) and how achieved even though science is incomplete.

Science sees particulars and details; the metaphysics finds universal and simple givens—e.g. ‘Experience’, ‘Being’, ‘Universe’, and ‘Logic’

2.       It is important that the metaphysics does not negate what is valid in ‘culture’ but contains and integrates it. The combination is powerful.

3.       Deutsch asserts fundamental role to ‘people’—i.e. to creators of explanations. This is already present in the concept-object notion of meaning. It is important that the universal metaphysics shows that ‘people’ may be incomplete and transitional toward higher Being.

4.       Make a complete list of words with special meaning. Capitalize them; define them.

5.       Place copies—libraries, schools, coffee shops…


1.       My # 1 priority—Place and Journey in Being

Place—rent for services etc.

2.       Fitness, sports achievement

Become a trainer

Work out upper body



Exercise before coffee

3.       Write senators Coburn, Elizabeth Warren

4.       Humboldt photography

5.       What are the essential challenges of:


My life

Today / this activity

6.       ‘Just do it’






7.       Facebook reference online or book. For personal use and JIB.

8.       Learn QM for JIB—metaphysics and cosmology.

9.       Trips

Study maps for trailhead and road access.

Other locations and kinds of trip.

Using storage

Travel modes—modes of tour, travel. Include tour-bike and hike.


1.       The main thing—frequent, year round trips and experience to improve tent location, endurance, immersion, and hosts of other things.

Prepared and ad hoc trips

2.       Keep fit by walking—plain and with loaded pack.

Locate nearest steep trails.

3.       How to pack.

Access to rain / immediate warm-wear

Check liners

4.       Maintaining electrolyte balance vs. acclimatization

5.       Just do it

Immersion is essential to nature presence



6.       Study backpacking year round

Knots—a few essentials

7.       Systematically upgrade, treat, repair, replace old gear

Treat boots? New?

Seam seal

Garbage bags of different sizes

Pants—dark, pockets, belt loops, pant-shorts, 38"


Pack cover


Cheap compass-thermometer

8.       Things to do with tarps

9.       Food and liquids

Water for fifteen miles trip?

Precooking and drying.

Vary menu




Day after storm (one)



Day after storm (two)



From Canyon Creek Road



Morning mist near lower falls



Skies after storm