Canyon Creek—Trinity Alps
October 2012

An Account of a Five Day Hike in the Trinity Alps

Anil Mitra





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What I learned

The Essence

An Essential Version of ‘Journey in Being’

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This is my first trip to the mountains since 2008. I now realize that there has been no good reason to wait so long and every reason to travel there more often


Canyon Creek Lake

Canyon Creek Lake

Wedding Cake

Thompson Peak

More Photographs

Canyon Creek 2012—a selection of the better photographs and AVI (movie) files

Folder of photographs from Canyon Creek—all the photographs; not organized

What I learned

From this trip I gained, learned or relearned that for me

1.      Nature is a primary source of existential, intellectual, and aesthetic inspiration

2.      Nature is a gate to Universal Being and that immersion in the natural world is one essential place to the transformation phase of Journey in Being

3.      This trip was a lesson in meditation-in-action and journey as open ended process and ‘living on the road’

4.      That though I’m not as strong as I used to be, I’m more resourceful in some ways and strength does return

The Essence

5.      Immersion is essential to all lessons and improving efficiency of (back) packing

An Essential Version of ‘Journey in Being’

The following material is not final but is taken from notes written on the trail. The material has been absorbed to other documents

The longer entries will be shortened

1           Being names what is

Being (and world) are known in experience

The Being of experience is so immediate

It needs no proof

2           The Universe is All Being

Creation is a form of Being

The Universe contains all Creation

But is not created

3           A pattern or Law has Being

(A Law is a limit—it allows

Some patterns, not others)

The Universe contains all Laws

4           The Void is the absence of Being

It contains no Law and so has no limits

Every pattern, Law, or object

Emerges from the Void

5           The Void is ever present with the Universe

Or any part of it

There is at least one Void

The number of Voids has no significance

6           The Universe has no limits

But for the freedom of concepts

To disagree with facts or one another

Every concept is realized

7           A scientific law or theory is a compound fact

Regarding a domain of valid knowledge

But implies nothing about the existence

Or nature of what lies outside

8           If every concept of a system asserts a fact

Conflict may make the system non factual

The logics may be seen as preventing this

The logics have limited domains of validity

9           Define Logic as the constraints for

Concepts to have reference

Logic includes facts, science and the logics

Logic is not a limit on the Universe

10        The object of Logic is the limitless

Universe in all its detail

It incorporates science and logic but its

Revealed Universe is greater than theirs without limit

11        Many conclusions of immense significance follow immediately

Any difficulty is in their interpretation

But Logic harbors immensely more

Beyond the intellect of limited forms

12        Objects. From the metaphysics every concept has an object

This cuts through distinctions of (a) Kind of object—thing, process, interaction, property, trope, value and (b) The abstract and the concrete (particular). The abstract / concrete divide is a convenient one according to knowledge via higher concept versus percept. Many objects straddle the divide (i) in their nature and (ii) over history as one or other approach to study is more effective

Identity is sameness or sense of sameness of self or object. Identity is an aspect of objecthood

Practical objects are brought under this umbrella by understanding them as concept-object whole and accepting them as ‘good enough’ by instrumental andor value criteria. The resulting study may be called Applied Metaphysics

Duration (time) is defined by change in the same object; spatial extension by distinction among objects. In regions where identity (or its perception) is vague, extension and duration (or their perception or measurement) are vague. Because sameness and difference are interwoven, so are space and time. A given region may have multiple space-times and, e.g., signal speeds. Since sameness and distinction are dual, so are space and time; there are no further coordinates of difference except perhaps for Being versus non-Being

The production of stable cosmological systems requires symmetry, conservation, and symmetry breaking

13        The Universe has Identity

It has acute, diffuse, and non-manifest phases

Its identity has continuity across the non-manifest

This continuity has similarity to ‘soul’

14        The variety and extent of the Universe is unlimited

Cosmologies and Laws have no limit

Power is degree of limitlessness

The Universe is ultimate power

15        Metaphysics is Logic

This demonstrates a perfect, unique, and ultimate Universal Metaphysics

We may therefore call it the metaphysics

Trivially, metaphysics is possible

16        The individual inherits the power of the Universe

The individual realizes the ultimate

While limited this is endless process whose modes must be ideas and action

In unlimited form realization is a single act of Being and perception

What is the relation between Being and Experience?

If matter is an exclusive substance, mind is impossible—mind must therefore be among the elements of matter

Experience is the essence of mind and its primitive form is effect; the higher forms build out of the primitive

Relaxing the notion of matter as substance, the metaphysics shows the interpretation: matter as first order being, mind as second order; and that the distinction vanishes because the metaphysics requires infinite divisibility. Being and experience are identical. Since ‘third order’ Being has no significance, Spinoza’s theory of attributes stands meaningless

17        Civilization and individual are vehicles of realization

In its internal and external endeavors civilization provides disciplines or means

‘Science’ is metaphorical for the instrumental

‘Yoga’ will stand for disciplines of Being and becoming

18        A discipline systematizes knowledge in some area

It provides methods for established kinds of problem

The disciplines themselves develop

There are some approaches to such development—e.g., ‘scientific method’

19        Is there method, goal, and meaning for the entire endeavor of civilization? We tend to think there is no method for the entire endeavor of civilization

However, the metaphysics provides meaning, value, framework, and method

From disciplines to civilization and from civilization to Civilization and the ultimate

(The metaphysics shows senses of perfection to the limited disciplines)

20        The way of the Journey is

Analysis and synthesis of the ways

Of and in the disciplines and the metaphysics

Under mutual illumination, guidance, and inspiration in the journey

21        Analysis of ways reveals knowledge, metaphysics, and morals

Practices and practice in action; and the instruments of exploration and technology

Catalysts of transformation

Learning—imagination, action and experiment, criticism, and correction

22        Synthesis I—Overview



Civilization—organic and technological growth

23        Synthesis II—Being (transformation)

Everywhere and when—Yoga practice and action; death and crisis—telescope ambition, meditation on transience and wholeness, meditation on death—acceptance, transience, previous lives and after death

Home and town: immediate—routine, write, exercise, diet, chores, honesty

Culture—care and sharing; charisma, initiative, public speaking; moral behavior; abandon; travel, intellectual and spiritual tour

Nature—gateway to ultimate, immersion, inspiration; catalyst—fasting, isolation, exertion, exposure

24        Synthesis III—Civilization of the Universe: organic and artifactual

Organic—Civilization as matrix—individual transformation, sharing; communication and charisma; shared endeavor via participation, immersion, and in a research establishment

Artifact—theory: AI, ALife, ontology, cosmology, cognitive science; independent, adjunct and symbiotic; hardware, software; designed and evolving; shared endeavor and research community

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General Preparation

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Arrange and pare gear; part of life minimizing

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Take a hat or cap

Practice hip-pack instead of day pack

Light tent

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Blade, needle


Precooking and drying; minute rice; powdered milk, bulk from the Co-op

Need fuel



Keeping Fit

Bike; walk; local hikes with pack

Treat toe rot

Canyon Creek Road

1 mi camp / H2O (L on the way in)

2 mi Power House Rd, H2O (L)

3.1 mi steep H2O access (L)

4.1 mi flat spot, no H2O (L)

4.3               "

4.5 mi flat, road to H2O (L)

6.1 mi flat, road to H2O (L)

8                  "

8.8 mi CC bridge, flat, H2O (R)

9.5 mi long trail to CC

Many other spots; however, lots of private property

For Investigation

East Fork trail head about 10.5 mi from Junction City on Canyon Creek Road

Grasshopper Flat turn off about 10 mi…