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Origin of the Probability Measure. How will the logic proceed from the formlessness of the void to the (probabilistic) structure of quantum mechanics? The following will be needed:

1. A seed so that there is a background uniformity of form; and

2. Transaction between elements and the void so that what was otherwise complete formlessness, i.e. not even uniformity of probability, will have the required uniformity; this requires reflection to see how the initial probability measure may arise. Is there some kind of selection process or might there be some a priori element?

3. What kind of uniformity? There should perhaps be space-time measurability which means that there should at least be stable forms that can be translated and, perhaps, interact sufficiently for implicit comparison…With reference to the theory of gravitation, where matter density is low the measure of space-time should be expressible as ‘uniform’ and, perhaps, Euclidean. Where the density is not low, the measure should depend on the density. I.e., the measure should be, in general, a function of density that asymptoticall approaches the uniform, Euclidean structure as density approaches zero. How will this come about / be? These structures may arise out of matter-void transaction including perhaps a background void-vacuum transaction that is ‘implicit’


Origin of Second Order Dynamics

It seems that there would be some selection involved. Thus, original dynamics could be of any order but there might be selection of at least second order dynamics because dynamics of order zero would be completely static and dynamics of order one would not permit inertia which also means perpetuation of tendencies and therefore the possibility of stability. In the probabilistic case, it might mean the possibility of stable, determinate bound states. What about higher order dynamics? This requires study of such dynamics and then reflection. Perhaps the following is key: even when the dynamics is of higher order, it can behave the dynamics can manifest as second order in certain circumstances