Prospect for the future of The Way of Being—for the way itself, for sharing—to experiment with effective expression and communication, and for myself (Anil Mitra).

For The Way of Being—share and be on the way to realization of the ultimate in the immediate and beyond; continue to develop the ideas and paths; continue to communicate the way with intent to contribute and share—to find and experiment with effective ways of sharing.

For sharing—experiment with effective content and form of expression and publication, (i) find an editor, publisher, promoter, joint writer; web skills will be useful (note: this is an aspect of sharing), (ii) informal spoken and written, (iii) media with careful preparation and selection of setting, (iv) internet presence—the website, blogs, podcasts, social media, (v) print publication, (vi) promotion of the ideas and implication in the widest range of applicable spheres (see system of human knowledge…), and (vii) promotion to a wide range of influential persons and institutions.

For myself—search and share my truth and understanding of Being, the universe, and destiny; be passionate about life and love of people and the world.