An invitation from Anil Mitra—you are invited to share in The Way of Being: in the discovery of ideas, realizations, writing, editing, web development—that is, in all phases of The Way. Comments and queries are invited and welcome. You can contact me at or Anil Mitra, 902 N ST, Eureka, CA 95501-2045 or 707 407 9501.

About sharing—the scope for “invitation” is broad my view of realizing and destiny is that in its details the process is not yet know to us and therefore the scope of human activities to be considered as foundation for the way is immense. Compentence in a range of backgrounds mathced by broad perspective that should be imaginative and critical, optimistic and realistic.

If you like the vision I present, your financial and other support will be appreciated. More than support, however, I look for interested, inspired, and capable persons to share in the process of discovery and realization.