The Way of Being begins in ‘this world’—in historical to modern worldviews and principles, explores their limits and the trans-modern region. The MEANS are shared discovery and realization; the AIM is the ultimate. Results are significantly new. With foundation in ‘Being’ and ideas of Eastern thought, the following is shown true.

Ours is the one and greatest possible universe and eternal process of limitless variety, peaks, and dissolutions. All beings and identities merge as that process; death is real but not absolute. There are feasible paths to the ultimate, to which there is imperative. The Way shows means to develop and live paths; it suggests path templates.

A source for the way is in a sense of time and destiny to which one attitude begins this life is good enough: ground for traditional and modern worldviewsHUMANISM (looks to human nature for value, science for the real) and METAPHYSICS (hypothetical but ideally rational), and inspirational if dogmatic RELIGION.

Welcome from Anil Mitra. I hope you find this site worth exploring. You are invited to share the process. Though the work is mine, I have derived much from my sources. The site is not ‘personal’personal information is basic and what may enhance undestanding.