Hi—and welcome from Anil Mitra, author and developer of this website. Readers are invited to share the process. Here is my contact information.

About me I lived in India till I was 22. The US is now my home. I live in Eureka, California.

My formal education is in engineering and applied mathematics. I have a PhD in mechanical engineering.

Interestspeople; wilderness travel; natural science and mathematics; literature—especially poetry; philosophy and reason—imaginative and critical, foundations of reason; social sciences—to understand and improve our world; mental health—I have worked in the field, learning about people and psychiatry; food—I ran a local Indian restaurant for a short while in the late 1980's; engineering—I've researched and taught engineering, haven't done that in a while but keep my skills up and may return to engineering some day.

The Way and my life My passions and interests come together in The Way of Being. For example I've spent over two years in nature (cumulatively)—which is both inspiration for and contact with Being or The Real. The Way and this site are my work. However, the personal is limited to illumination of The Way. Older versions lean toward the personal—see the 2013 and 2017 versions; the plus version for the site has personal information.